What size line trimmer should you get?

There are many different sized line trimmers manufactured these days that designed to perform different sized jobs. But which size is the right choice for the average lawn care business owner? Should you go with a 22cc engine or a 32cc? What about a 4 stroke versus a 2 stroke? Some are heavy while others are light. Buy the wrong sized trimmer and it might not do the job. It might break down prematurely or it might tire you out long before the day is through. A discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum talked about all these differences and which one tends to be the most ideal.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am looking to buy another line trimmer. I wanted something just for edging and light trimming. I saw one that has a 22cc engine that looks awesome! It’s super lightweight and has a great feel (handle, trigger, length). Has any used a smaller trimmer for lighter work? Are they worthwhile to buy and use commercially?”

A second lawn care business owner said “in my opinion a 22cc trimmer is on the light side. I think the smallest we have is 27cc. I don’t worry about weight too much, we use a body harness on all the trimmers / brush saws. They are super comfortable and you can run a trimmer, edger, brush saw all day with one.

Line trimmer harness

Line trimmer harness

The harness is ideal at any grade. I personally would not be without one. We have two types but they are so comfortable it is just amazing.

I have also found that the units that have a break in the middle for added attachments tend to be stronger than a straight shaft unit due to the way it’s built. Keep in mind we now have over 200 mowing clients so our gear gets a major workout.

Here is an image of the body harness we use.”

A third landscaper added “I agree that the 22 cc engine seems small, but for only light work I think it might be enough.

My main trimmer has a 25cc 4 stroke engine that I absolutely love. It walks all over the 32cc 2 stroke. It is rather heavy but with the shoulder strap you don’t notice it.

A big difference to keep in mind is the 2 stroke can be operated upside down for edging and what not. If you flip over the 4 stroke it dies. I don’t think it’s designed to be used like that. The 2 stroke is also a lot louder and smokier than the 4 stroke. Anyway mine gets 5 stars, especially when it comes to convenience. Starts on the first pull. Clients love the 4 stroke too as there is not an oil burning 2 stroke running at 50 million RPM outside there living room window.”

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