What services do you offer to stand out?

Mowing lawns seems to be a service most every new landscaper performs. Many times it’s the only service they perform. It’s easy to put on your blinders and think all you need to be successful is just more mowing customers, but what if you stopped for a moment and looked around you to see what others are doing to stand out? Would you begin to see that there are many more services that may be highly profitable, you are missing out on because you are so focused on lawn mowing? That is what one entrepreneur was thinking about when he asked, a question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, what he could he be doing to stand out.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve been thinking more and more about this lately. What can we do with our services to really stand out? I wonder if any other landscaper perform special pruning or things other than stripping a lawns to set themselves apart from competitors. The more I have been thinking about this, the more I have been looking for landscapes that are unique and what makes them unique. I noticed some other landscape companies shear the cedars hedges to look like a castle wall. This is not something you will see a new start up company do. It takes talent and time to perfect such a look but when it is finished, it looks fantastic.”

A second lawn care business owner said “this past couple of years, I have been expanding into small engine repair as well. The biggest thing now that sets me apart from my other small engine competitors is that I am the only person that has a ‘mobile service.’

I already had a landscape truck and enclosed trailer for lawn care so I combined it with equipment repair and it’s worked out well for me. I have been able to just sign up a local Fire Department because their equipment needs to stay in service. The only time any equipment goes out of service is when it breaks down or when I take it out of service for a few moments to service it. This is such a unique service that no one else is even bidding on the jobs.”

A third shared “I am the only landscape company I have been able to find in our city that offers organic lawn care. Organic is big in this neck of the woods.

Another service that I have expanded on is driveway sweeping as I have a sweeper on one of the tractors. I can also offer garden tilling and just about any type of landscape project. The driveway sweeping service has led me into driveway grading which has become a very big opportunity in the areas as most homes around here have gravel driveways. I know I personally would have paid someone for years to do mine but could never find anyone so I bought the gear and started advertising it. Post hole digging is yet another spin off service I added that most of my competitors don’t offer, which may lead me to fence construction in the future.

To get into offering these services I had bought a smaller four wheel drive tractor. A two wheel drive would do it with the right tires and weight. I took pictures of the first driveway I swept and graded. Then got a bunch of the pictures printed as postcards and handed them out to anyone I could see if they were out and had a gravel driveway.

From that marketing method I picked up 8 more driveways with very little effort. I will then be trying to upsell my weekly lawn care and snow plowing services as well. Beyond getting the tractor all you need is a landscape rake and gauge wheels. Depending on the quality your investment It can be anywhere from $165.00 to $750.00+.

Driveway rake and sweeping services

Driveway rake and sweeping services

The attachment does all the work. Yes it does take a little practice but the machinery does all the work and it is very easy on the operator. A rake will do the majority of driveways. If it’s really in bad shape with major ruts and potholes, it’s best to dig them out. That is done with a box scraper. Both the scraper and the rake get pulled with the tractor. I am guessing few offer this service because they think it is complicated but it’s really a fairly simply process.”

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