What services do you offer that your competitors don’t?

Are you straining your brain trying to come up with services you can perform that your competitors aren’t offering? Well here is a list from a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that should help you out. It’s amazing how some of these ideas are so simple yet so important. Sometimes the key factor is not that you offer a 1,000 services, but that you do a handful of them really well and you are reliable at performing them.

One lawn care business owner wondered “I am really planning on building up my lawn care business next year and am preparing through out winter. I want to learn as much as possible and offer everything there is to do in a yard for my 3rd year of business in hopes of making more money and increasing my client list.

Besides mowing, fixing sprinklers, and clean ups, I have not done aerating, sprinkler start ups, complete sprinkler installations, etc.

I am hoping to just get a list of what services you guys offer and what equipment you use / might need or want for next year / what do you offer over your competitors and what you might start doing next year that you haven’t in the past?

Hopefully this will give me some ideas and my business. I still have yet to talk with my current customers about what else they may want but I should definitely start doing that. I am not licensed in pesticide/fertilizer application, however I am looking into this as well.”

A second lawn care business owner said “one thing I do that you haven’t brought up yet is gutter clean outs. In the fall if you are doing a leaf clean up you might as well offer to blow the leafs off of your customer’s roof and clean their gutters out. A lady I work for has some big oak trees and when the leaves start to drop, it plugs her gutters up really bad and piles up on the roof in spots. Also in the summer time her roof gets covered in that pollen that oak trees drop, so she has me blow that off to.”

A third suggested “I do just about anything for my lawn care customers. I have repaired hot tubs, swimming pool pumps, liner replacements and repair, pool heater work, slide repair, salt chlorinator installs, not to mention pool installs, roofing, shed construction, windows, doors, siding, satellite dish installs, fences, lockstone driveway repairs and installs, garage door repairs and installs, wheelchair ramps, playground installs, decks, docks, and not to mention I have repaired many of their vehicles as well. I also forgot to mention that I have even completely stripped to the studs and cleaned out 4 crack houses.

I did everything on the above list this summer and actually, this summer I hardly mowed anything at all. My son and daughter took care of that for me.
I have found that the same people who pay for lawn service generally are not able or interested in doing any other home maintenance and repair themselves, so it’s very easy to get these jobs especially when they know and trust you and your capabilities.

That list may be long, but you asked, so there you are.”

A third shared “what do I do differently from my competition? I show up. Think I am kidding about that? All summer long I’ve heard comments that blow my mind from my new customers.

It’s amazing how many people have trouble with their lawn service simply showing up.”

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