What makes a good lawn care business logo?

If you have ever tried to create your own lawn care logo, you know that it can be quite difficult to make something looks good, tells the viewer what your company is about, and helps improve sales. That is where a graphic designer comes in. A talented designer can create a logo that will last a long time. What elements though should you look for in a good lawn care logo design? How do you know what is good or bad? That is the question brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.”

One lawn care business owner wrote “I would like your input (likes/dislikes) on my new lawn care logo that a friend of mine designed. I thought it was about time that I got on this and took my business to the next level.”

A second lawn care business owner said “a logo should be clean and easily recognizable. Too much effects can actually hinder readability and visibility. Here is a quick lawn care logo idea I came up with. By no means is it a ready to go logo but it will show some of what I am talking about.

Lawn Care Logo Example

Lawn Care Logo Example

How ‘nice’ a logo looks to the untrained eye is irrelevant. It must be quick to identify and easy to read at any size.

Some logos looks may look great at larger sizes, but will have problems on small items. Then there’s the whole issue of converting logos to use with limited color applications.

If the person who designs the logo didn’t do so already, have them make it into different versions such as B&W, 1 color, 2 color, reverse.

Whether designing a logo or a sign the same holds true. Your potential customer only has so long to get your message. This is not an opinion this is solid fact. You can have a design that stands out but if it loses readability it fails to it’s job. I always suggest on a new logo design to give what you have the thumbnail test or the squint test. Look at it on the screen. Ask yourself, what is the first thing you see in a thumbnail version of your logo.

Lawn care logo example

Lawn care logo example

On your specific logo, you can just make out Bob’s when squinting. Unless your business is well established and the first thing people think of when they hear the name Bob’s, is think of what you do then it is ok. Rule of thumb unless it is a well established company, what you do is more important than your name.

By no means am I trying to ruffle feathers, instead I am just trying to give some professional advice. When designing a lawn care logo or anything, first design it in black and white. If it works in black and white then add color and effects but no more than 1 or 2 effects. Color and effects are meant to add to a design not take away from it.

When readability suffers, then the effects become to much. A general rule is usual only one or two. Look at some of the big corporations, they do not rely on pretty effects to get their brand image across. Small business owners can get by with a little more.

Colors used should create harmony. I start designing anything whether a logo or a sign in black and white, if it works this way then it is a good design. Some things you have your logo put on does count the number of colors used. You want to make sure your logo works as a one or two color design. T-shirt decorators charge you by the number of colors, each color constitutes them making an extra screen. Some places charge as much as $40.00 per screen in addition to the printing and t-shirts. If your message can be printed in a single color ink with the shirt providing the second color then you are charged for one screen fee. If your design has to be three or for colors to get your design to be seen then it can cost you an extra $40 to $160.00 for your shirts.

You can get by with multiple colors as long as it is done correctly. You have to think about what uses you are going to use your logo for. There are times when you need two logos, one for regular print and then another for small print. Sometimes a logo can look really good at normal size but then when you make it small it loses all readability.

There are simply unavoidable truths to advertising and graphic design that can not be ignored. Well, they CAN be, but the results are less than impressive.

The internet, and availability of graphics software to the general public has really made a mess of things to the extent that anyone with a computer can pass themselves off as a graphic artist - or at least they can fool those who don’t know any better into thinking they are.

Just like woodworking, landscaping, or repairing engines, graphic design is part technical skill, and part natural talent. The first part you can ‘fake’ - the other you can’t.”

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