What makes a good craigslist lawn care ad?

Advertising on craigslist is simple and free. Because of this, there are an ocean of ads out there but the vast majority of them are simple, plain, and bland. If you want to advertise your lawn care service on craigslist and get calls from potential customers, you need to do something to stand out a bit. But what would make you stand out? As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, adding graphics to your ad can make a bit visual difference.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was doing some research on craigslist ads around the country to get a feel for what everyone is using to sell themselves and I found a lot of ideas.

The ones that stand out to me are the graphic ones and they would be at the top of my list to call. It’s not a simple thing to get a graphic added to your ad so that weeds out a lot of basic users on that site.

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 1

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 1

I have gone to craigslist and done a nationwide search by randomly choosing states and randomly choosing metros, cities, and small town areas, to get an idea of what’s out there as far as lawn service ads. 99.8% (rough estimate) of what I found were bland, boring, VERY similar to the next ‘Lawn Guy Service’ posting ads. When I’m looking for a service, its not that I am looking for necessarily the BEST ad however, a nice professionally presented ad with graphics in the posting POPS and it gets noticed. It sticks in my head.

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 2

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 2

In my OPINION, whether others think it’s right or wrong, I feel that is what gets noticed and gives better odds of being contacted by potential customers. If someone takes the time to put this kind of work into a lawn care business CRAIGSLIST ad they seem more likely to have a professional manner. So many ads out there are using poor grammar and are misspelled. They are all in BLACK AND WHITE, and almost ALL name the exact same services. So here’s my question to some of you.

If you were in search of a particular service, no matter what it may be. How do YOU choose who you go with for that service if there are let’s say 10 different companies advertising the exact same services. Every ad you find is black and white, offers the same services, free quotes etc. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE one guy from the next? It is something to think about.”

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 3

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 3

A second lawn care business owner said “I used to work as a graphic designer, and from that experience all I can say is that you are absolutely correct in that a colorful, well designed ad, will catch people’s attention. Now just adding a graphic alone will not shout ‘professional.’ Depending on how a plain, ‘line ad’ is worded, I may choose them over one that uses a poor chosen graphic, but that’s just a hypothetical scenario. In reality, a graphic ad will ’stand out’ in a sea of text-only ads.

When I run on Craigslist, I create do a nice, color ad that appears more ‘upscale’ in hopes that it weeds out the people looking to get work done at the lowest possible price.

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 4

Craigslist Lawn Care Ad 4

I look for indicators that the advertiser is well-established, and has taken the time/effort to create an advertisement that is free of ‘gimmicks’ and uses proper English.

You mite be the grate-est lawn cutter in the cownty, but if’n this iz how you prezent yorself, get used to sitting by the fone.
‘I will mow your grass THE CHEAPEST!’ is NOT a headline that would convince me to pick up my phone. As a business owner, you need to constantly be on the lookout for marketing material that catches your eye. Even if it is not being used for the lawn care industry. Then when you find something that stands out, recreate it using your own style and see how it’s results compare with your previous advertising.

What ever you do though, don’t get on craigslist and do the absolute bare minimum. Do something to stand out if you want to ever have a chance to capture a potential customers attention.”

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