What is the common cost for lawn dethatching and Aeration?

Tony posted a question on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum. He asked “What is the common cost for lawn dethatching and Aeration?”

Thankfully one of our business veterans, Tim, was there to jump in and give this great response.

“Here in KY I’m getting about $33 per thousand sq ft, so we charge $150 for the first 5000 sq ft. and $20 per thousand sq ft there after. Our avg lot size is about 5000 sq ft here. We charge the same for both type of service. over-seeding is included in the aeration = 5-6 lbs of a 4 blend seed per thousand sq ft. If the customer doesn’t want the seed then its $130.

If you rent a good core aerator it will cost about $60 per day and 50 lb bag of seed will run about $65, you should be able to get 2-3 customers from one bag of seed, and 5000 sq ft should only take about 30 min start to finish. So now for one customer it will cost you $125 + fuel and time getting equipment form rental Co and the time to do it, is $150 per to much, no its not, it should be just right if you have 3 or more customers, on Wed 4/8/08 we did 8 customers and here is the breakdown of the day.
Fuel (truck and equip.) $25
Seed $65 per bag x 4 = $260 (premium seed)
Rental Equipment $65
Labor 6 hours at $15 = $90
Overhead 8% of total cost = $35
Total cost to complete 8 lawns approx 5000 sq ft each = $475.00

Billed out $150 x 8 =$1,200 less cost = $725 profit.

Tru-Green and Scotts charges about $165 for the first 3000 thousand sq ft and $15 per thousand there after.

I know this to be fact in my area, (I called them and asked) we have taken on 40+ customers that use to be Tru-Green and Scotts customers. Because we offer Organic Fertilizer Programs as well.

I hope this gives you some insight on how these types of services should be charged.”

Thanks Tony for asking your question and Tim for responding. If you have a question about bidding a lawn care job, feel free to post it on our Gopher Lawn Care Forum.

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