What if you miss a potential lawn care customers call?

When you are just getting your lawn care business started, missing a potential new lawn care customer’s phone call is a big deal. It’s a big deal when you have been in business for a while too, but it seems especially important when you are just getting started which leads me to this great question that was asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

A new lawn care business owner wrote “I just started my own lawn care business and passed out flyers earlier today. Later in the day, while at my baseball game, someone called wanting lawn service. I called him back right away but…

lawn care customer call

lawn care customer call

got his answering machine. The bad news is that his mailbox was full. It gave me the option to page him so I did that. So far, he hasn’t called back. When he left me a message he also gave me his address. He lives in the same neighborhood as me. My question is, should I walk down to his house and talk to him since I can’t get a hold of him by phone.”

Such a great question and one that many new lawn care business owners will run into. Here are some equally insightful responses that should help you.

One member said “face to face is always the best sales approach. He called you so you are not cold calling. Showing up at his door shows your character and professionalism.” Another added “If I miss a call, I usually call back. If there is no answer, I search their home address online through their phone number. Then I will drive by their home just to make sure I even want to deal with them. They might have grass up to my neck, or some other problem. If that’s the case I’ll avoid the call.

Otherwise if there is no problem with the lawn, I will knock on the door. If they aren’t home I will write my estimate on the back of my business card & stick it where they can see it, or in the mail box. Then I will call later to confirm if they had received my card & if they had any questions.”

One last business owners shared their view by saying ” an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost.¬† Without a question go pay him a visit and if he/she is not home leave a note saying thanks for your call, I tried to call you however your mail box is full, would love to discuss your lawn care needs, please call me at..”

So I hope you can see from this discussion the importance of following up on missed phone calls. It’s simple steps like this that can make the difference between a business succeeding or not.

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