What I have learned in my lawn care business part 2.

Continuing on from my previous blog article is a further look into what one lawn care business owner learned from his experience of getting his lawn care business started. In the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, he shared with us his list of the top 5 mistakes he found himself and other business owners make while trying to grow.

He wrote “The top 5 mistakes new lawn care business owners make.

#1 Make a business plan from the beginning and stick to it. I started first by making some money on the side with my lawn care business. If I would have stayed part time like that, I would be better off because I could have scaled everything up slowly. If I would have decided to go all in and make this a real business from the get go, I would have been able to buy the proper equipment from the beginning and not have so many equipment issues. By knowing where you want to be from the start you will have more success.

#2 Have a weekly strategy and a back up plan. My first year was a very dry year. Every week I made a schedule and found out many times the grass just wasn’t growing. To keep my new customers happy I wouldn’t mow when it wasn’t necessary. If you have an employee or even to stay ahead of things by yourself, you need to know in advance, what to do with your day. If you have 10 yards to mow that day and only 5 need it, have a plan in place of things that need to get done in that free time. If you have some great customers that you want to keep, go do a little extra. Do some edging, do something that doesn’t cost you a lot but goes a long way for them.

#3 Spend time with your customers. Don’t obsess on getting through your day. After you finish the yard, talk to the customer, see what is new with them, know them on a personal level. After a summer of doing that, you will have not only a great customer but also a personal friend. Expanding off of that, go to church, go to parades, be in public, let people see you. YOU are the best advertisement for yourself.

#4 Before your commit, take some classes, learn about small engines, learn about marketing, budgeting… ANYTHING. I can’t think of a business that requires more levels of knowledge than the lawn care business. You have to be a weather man, mechanic, accountant, marketer, lawn cutter, public speaker. There is so much more that you have to be, so many hats you have to wear. A big business has a person for all of those jobs, in this profession it all falls on you.

#5 Be a sponge. You don’t know everything. You will never know everything. I was unprepared for the crazy requests that some people asked of me. Take in what EVERYONE has to say, know what you want and stay on that path. Talk to people from all kinds of back grounds to learn and make sure you ask your customers too. One customer of mine used to run a grounds crew at a golf course, another ran his own business and talked me through general business problems I was having. You may think you’re smart but you are NEVER smart enough.”

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