What do you think of my snow removal postcard design?

Whether you are trying to market your lawn care services, snow removal services, or what ever else, there are a few tips we will learn from this discussion in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that will help you. We will also get a chance to look at and review one entrepreneurs post card design that he intends to use in the winter. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you gain more customers.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I started a small mowing business this summer and now I want to do some snow blowing. I don’t have the room for a snow plow so I went the snow blower route. I have over 400 homes in my neighborhood but right now I only¬† have about 15 customers. I service them after my full time job or on the weekends. So far I have stayed pretty busy but I want to try the snow removal thing as well.

Please let me know what you think about my snow removal post card design and if there is any thing that should be changed. Where I live, we don’t get the snow like up north does but we can get some big storms. I tried to price my service at a good point for the area. I have a 2 stage snow blower that should get me through the season. Most homes in my neighborhood are 2 car and a few 3 car.

Snow blower postcard front

Snow blower postcard front

With my current design I put a price on the flyer. Since we don’t get a lot of snow here I thought I would give them an idea of my price but I think I may remove it and give myself a chance to sell the customer on my services and not my price.

I have gotten a lot of marketing material made from shirts to business cards, all that I have designed. A lot of my customers actually thought my business name was a national brand and appreciate the professional look that I show up with.

Snow blower postcard back

Snow blower postcard back

My plan is to hand deliver these flyers probably once we get a report that we have snow coming in. I will deliver them door to door myself. I am small time right now so I don’t want to put more out there than I can handle. I am going to try and hire someone to help when the day comes to do the work but I’m pretty picky about my work product.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “if you include a price on your snow plowing flyer, you are going to be locking yourself into that. When a potential customer you sent this to has a bigger driveway than the average sized one in your area, they are going to be focused on whatever price you included on your flyer. If you try to raise the price to account for the larger size area you need to remove snow from, they are going to protest and likely not hire you because of it.

Including a price on your marketing material also may turn people away. If they get two flyers, one with your price and another from someone cheaper, your flyer is going to be trashed. Instead of giving you a chance to meet up with the potential customer and sell them on quality, you are instead selling on price and taking out of the equation your greatest sales asset, you.

Some other things to consider. Are you doing anything else to network with your social group, to reach out and try to sign them on as customers? Are you using your graphics on a craigslist ad as well?

When it comes to distributing your marketing material, the more times you hit the potential customer, the better. You may get a better response if you started to hand those postcards out even before a snow storm is in your forecast and then when you see in the weather another one is coming, hand them out again to the same group of people the night before. The more times a potential customer gets your marketing material, the better your chances are of getting your name to stick in their minds.

In the spring I have a flyer I deliver first a couple of weeks before the season starts and then a second flyer that reminds customers the season is here. I get a lot higher response when I deliver twice in a couple of weeks. Everyone is busy and a gentle reminder that they need to call helps a lot so keep that in mind.”

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