What do you have on your lawn care business website?

When building a lawn care website, there are many elements you can include. With all these choices, you may feel like a kid in a candy store trying to grab as many items as you can. You really need to think each element out before you install them. Some might be ok, some might be great, but others or using too many can create an awful experience for a visitor. Such experiences will lead to a potential customer leaving your site for a competitors. Let’s take a look at what web elements others are using from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “what elements are you including on your website to help potential customers? Here is a list of some of the elements I have added to my lawn care website recently.

Elements on my lawn care website.

  1. I have a skype link.
  2. I have a online chat.
  3. Photo gallery.
  4. A page of what services I offer.
  5. A page to send a estimate request.
  6. An online billing system where I give the customers a login/password so they can view there invoices, payments ad history.
  7. Online support system.
  8. A survey questionnaire which everyone as really liked so far.
  9. I did have a client calendar, but have since lost the database in my last server upgrade.
  10. A blog.

The billing system worked great for those of who wanted to use it over paper invoices. So far no one has used the support system (a good thing). I spent many hours building that site.

With all the newer features I have added it seems there is no positive benefit from my old site. I was kind of worried about setting up an online chat option. If I were the consumer, I’d expect someone to be there online ready to answer my question but the reality of it is that no one is there to answer anything. I added it as another option. On the weekends when I’m home all day, I could log in and respond if needed though.

After a little more tinkering with my site, I added a blog but currently I have no content on it. I did it because I wanted it ready when I have some free time to write articles. I thought about adding a link to my facebook, twitter, linkedin, and myspace pages on my website, but my wife thought it was tacky. What are your though and experiences with this. Am I missing anything else I should have?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have an information page for the products we use, for a couple of reasons. It allows me a new page with different key words for the search engine and allows clients to see what we use. An equipment page and believe it or not this brought in a few jobs last year, mainly wood chipping. Customers tell us they see the equipment we have and realize we can handle all sorts of jobs.

There is a blog that allows me to write an article on a landscape, excavation job, tree removal, or mowing job. I take pictures and make sure I use the key words I want others to use to find this specific page. So for instance, if I want customers to find me and call for a wood chipping job, I will write about wood chipping and mention the city I performed the work in, the zip code, and show some pictures that walk the reader though the process I utilize while on scene.

I added a latest news page, to tell prospects what we are doing, i.e. spring spraying etc. Other than that, just the basic’s (welcome page, contact page, services, about us, etc).

Is there too much on your site?

I’d strongly advise against trying to include every single bell and whistle applet you can shoehorn into your site for many reasons. One is that it simply clutters up the site. A second is that it takes time to load these apps and therefor take the page a lot longer to load. Search engines do not like slow loading pages and will lower your ranking because of it. Thirdly, If you add an online chat section, a visitor is going to expect a response. If they ask a question and don’t get a response, they may decide to move on to another site.

If you know certain parts of your site are not being used at all, get rid of them and find better things to do with that screen space, even if it means leaving the area with nothing at all.”

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