What do you do to make it through the day?

A whole lot of things need to be balanced properly for you to stay healthy and fit enough to make it through a vigorous day of lawn care work. Every lawn care business owner seems to have a different way they go about getting through the day. Until you find a schedule that works for you, there might be a battle you have to wage with your body and mind. Here is a discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business that questions how others get through their day.

One lawn care business owner wrote “when the weather changes and gets warmer, like it has been, I find it difficult to wake up. I like to be up by at least 7AM, & be at my first lawn by 8AM. The problem is, I feel more tired than I did last year. Though the season is JUST starting I have to been able to adapt.

What do you guys do in order to make it through the day? When do you go to bed/wake up? Do you drink coffee? When I wake up on days I don’t work, I require coffee. When I have lawns to mow, I can’t drink coffee. I find that it really dries me out. Instead I drink Coke to get my caffeine fix.

So besides going to bed early, what else can a guy do to wake up feeling fresh & ready to tackle the work load? The toughest part in the day is right after the alarm, that stage where you have to pull your butt out of bed, when all you want to do is sleep an extra 24 hours.

I’ll be one year older in a few days, though I’m still young, my knees have been aching & the whole package. I have to figure out a better way to do all this or I don’t think I will last much longer.”

Some other lawn care business owners responded with the way they handle their daily schedule.

- “I’d suggest to try and get a regular sleep pattern going. In the winter I work at night shoveling snow and then in the spring I can’t get to bed at a decent time to start work at 7am. Once I make that transition and get a proper sleep cycle going again I feel better.”

- “I get up at 5am, put the coffee on and take the dog for a walk, home by 5:30 to 5:45. Then I feed the dog, have coffee, answer emails. My staff arrives at 6:30 and we are out by 7. From there we head to the coffee shop. We leave around 7:45 and are on the job sites by 8. Sometimes we meet for lunch but not very often anymore as we have so much work to do now that it is spring time.

I never drink coffee during the day or evening.”

- “I usually turn into bed at midnight. I then get up at 8-8:15am. I take my daughter to school at 8:45am and come back home. I then eat breakfast and watch a little tv then get dressed. I go through the emails and prepare my worksheets for the the day at the same time I’m eating breakfast.

I rarely drink coffee any more. I head out between 9:30-10am. Hit the store for cigs and red bulls and head to my first property. My partner and I manage to knock out 14-18 lawns by 2:30pm and usually take lunch then. Lunch is usually from 2:30-3pm 3pm go home. Then I go pick up my daughter from school at 3:15pm and the day is over.

If we have more lawns to mow, I try to get one of my daughter’s friend’s parents to watch her til 5 so we can finish out our schedule. At night the little one goes to bed at 9pm. After that 9:30-12am is for doing paperwork and getting invoices printed out.

Usually around 7-8pm at night I am sometimes driving back out to put the invoices in client’s mailbox so they know we were there. That’s about it.”

- “I am up at 6:00 am every day even on my days off. If you get up at the same time every morning makes it easier. I usually go to bed at 10:00 pm everyday. However, since I have started my lawn care business it has been getting later at night. I have found there is too much paperwork and bookkeeping and each day more arrives.

I drink coffee every morning but after that I am done with it. While working I drink lots of water. It’s too hot here to drink anything else. I only eat breakfast (a real one with pancakes, grits, eggs, bacon, etc.) and then dinner. Don’t eat much during the day it just slows me down.”

- “I try to be in bed every night by 11:00 pm or so and I am up by 6:00 am. We go through a lot of coffee here, pretty much all day everyday. Around 2-3, 12 cup pots. I drink half of it and my buddy drinks the rest.

When its not coffee, its Diet Coke. I drink a lot of that too. Every now and then a RockStar or Monster but they don’t seem to give me a energy boost anymore and now I just like the taste.”

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