What are some ideas to get new lawn care customers?

I liked this post because it focused on the difficulties new start up lawn care business owners find while trying to get their first few customers.

David:What are some good ideas to hook some new customers???
I have put up flyers at all the local stores, businesses and put them on car windshields in parking lots. Passed out business cards to people I meet, my customers, put them on bulletin boards at stores, put them in paper boxes, passed out at my part time job, and gave to family. I also had 3 magnetic truck signs made, and 10 colorplast yard signs. Starting to run out of ideas. Any ideas please give some feedback.

Matt:This is what I have been doing and it seems to be working for me. I designed a flyer and then handed about 60 printed out in full color on nice paper at the ups store for $12 dollars or so. On my flyer I have a title and a sub title listing my basic services. I then have an introduction about my self and then kind of try to sell my self as well with just a few lines. I list my services and price then contact information in big text. I then go door to door on my street and the streets near my house. I say hello and share a little bit about myself and what I am doing and then hand them a flyer. This seems to be working out pretty decent for me.

I have only handed out no more then 18 of these flyers and have gotten 4 jobs/clients and 3 people who would like to hire me next year. I’d say these are pretty good numbers. Although this might not work the same in all places but for me this seems to be working good. I just gotta get out more and hand out all these things!

Keith: “Those are pretty good numbers.

Presentation is very important when approaching customers.

Matt, you have presented yourself professionally on this forum. I am sure this is a bleed over of the way you approach your lawn care customers. Thus your success.

Share with us a bit more from which we can glean information.

How do you dress when approaching customers?
What is your demeanor…businesslike or fun/casual?
Do you give a price immediately or do you await significant interest from the customer?
Are you ready with your equipment or do you schedule a later appointment?

Your answers will speak volumes and help people acheive better results from their door-to-door marketing.

Matt:I have been dressing with nice jeans and a nice polo shirt. Not too dressy but it’s nicer then an old t-shirt and ripped up jeans. I think this look helps sell my services as me being a teenager.

I’d say I’m pretty casual. I introduce my self as the kid who lives down the street and let the folks know I’m offering lawn care services for the summer and then offer them a flyer if they are interested. I try to always thank them for their time and wish them a good day as I leave. Today I even helped take out some garbage for some one who couldn’t even hire me this year because they already hired some one else. But I think this will help me next year if I come by again earlier.

I usually say nothing about my price unless I am asked. My hourly price is listed right on my flyers about 2/3 down the page under bold text that says “How Much?.”

I do not have my equipment with me when I go door to door. I have always just walked since I live in the city and all costumers so far have called or emailed me within a day or two of talking with me.

and for those who are just starting. I was told by some people I know who used to run their own company and still have a few big jobs, that I should get my customers first and then buy the equipment for the job. I’m glad I listened otherwise I think I would have spent a lot of money on stuff I didn’t need.

Right now the only equipment that I personally bought myself is 2 pairs of gloves. I used racks and clippers that my parents already owned and my friends have given me permission to use some of their equipment to start with. I think this has helped me a lot!

I will upload a picture of my flyer tomorrow. I designed it on my dads computer so I don’t have a copy of it with my right now.

Steve: “Are you doing anything to get referral customers? Are you asking your current customers to let their friends know about your services?

Have you also considered doing any volunteer cleanup work to assist part of your town in hopeful return of publicity? Could you organize a group to clean up a yard of someone who could really use it? Or maybe of a section in town that could use some help? Then contact the local paper and send them pictures about what you are doing and how you are looking to organize some help to clean something up? That could help get your name out more.

David:I always try to dress professionally, I bought quite a few outfits to use as my uniform for now until I get my shirts made. I wear dickie khaki pants, with green polo shirts. I’m getting my logo put on my shirts soon. I don’t really have a set price for all my services. $40.00 an average per acre, depends on terrain, trees, if yard needs cleaning, etc..
My hourly rate is $25 per hr.
I’m very friendly and always approach my customers with a smile, I think that goes a long way. If they need something done, or they’re not satisfied with something I tell my customers “yes (Ma’am or Sir) I’ll take care of it right away” no hesitations. Also I try and have my equipment with me when I go for an estimate in case they want it done right then & there and it saves gas too instead of driving all the way back home loading up my equipment then driving back to the customer’s property. I think FIRST IMPRESSIONS are everything ! So I believe in being Professional.

Chestin lawncaremarketingmagic.com: “It sounds like you’re already doing a lot to get your name out there and I would say definitely don’t stop. The only suggestion I would have is to target your prospects a little more tightly.

It’s great that you’re dropping off flyers and business cards in all the places you listed, but you’re diluting the possible results you could get because you’ve got all kinds of people frequenting these places. So be sure to pick a neighborhood or area you want to penetrate and be sure to deliver your flyers there as well.

One other thing to consider is are you including some type of offer on your flyer/cards? Or are you simply listing your services, phone numbers, etc.?

Presenting your prospects with an offer for your services gives them a reason to actually pick up the phone and call. For example, offer them a 21-point Lawn Care Analysis PLUS a 12month Green and Clean Plan PLUS 10% off their first service visit.

Including a valuable, specific, and relevant offer in your materials will DRAMATICALLY increase the results you’ll see.

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