Ways to make more money with your lawn care business.

We all love to make more money and are constantly looking for new ways to do it. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had a great idea on how to make more cash. He shared with us this story that inspired his new idea.

He wrote “my wife and I came up with this idea just the other day. It started with something I did back in December when my wife was in the hospital ( we had a new baby girl). I rented this yard stork, sign that said “IT’S A Girl ” on it for my wife to see when I brought her home. That got me thinking, what if a lawn care business owner offered things like this to their customers?

We go to most of there houses once a week anyway. You could even offer birthday decorations for the yard also. I paid $35 a week to rent the stork. If you had 10, 20, or 30 floating out there, that’s pretty good extra income. You could even offer things like moon walk blow up jumpers for kids b-day parties, not much to setting them up. Then you really would be known as the yard guy I would think.”

Stork sign

Stork sign

I think this is a fantastic idea. Are you handy with some tools to put some of those storks together? Heck, you could sell the construction plans and designs on here to make yourself even more money!

Yard sign

Yard sign

“I am putting together some sign ideas now. You can buy them already made on-line, but they are expensive. I am real handy when it comes to working with wood and will probably build them  myself. I called around to find some places that offer these signs and only found a couple in my area. I thought there would have been a lot more offering this service. The market seems to be wide open for advancement.”

You know one of the things you could do is just build a couple and then let your customers know you have them and they can use them for a week for free. Then maybe have a sign at the bottom of it that promotes your lawn care company. This could help you test the waters and see how the interest is who knows it could take off! It could really help you meet new clients if their neighbors talk about it as well.

“That is a great idea. It could say something like “signs & designs offered courtesy of Joe’s Lawn Care and Landscaping.” I think that is a great idea and could have the potential to build clusters of customers. Those that drive by and see the signs would think my lawn care business owner does not offer me anything like that, in fact nothing free at all….people are drawn to free!”

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