Ways my lawn care business made more money in my 2nd year.

As you go through life, the list of things you wish you had done earlier, tends to grow and grow. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One entrepreneur talks about how he wished he had offered additional services earlier when he had started up his business. The added money would have been really help and might have allowed him to grow faster, quicker.

One lawn care business owner wrote “here are some before and after pics of some fall clean ups I have just done. There really is nothing spectacular about them but I am proud of my work. The pictures of the hedges, I really take pride in. Amazingly enough, I am learning anyone and everyone can do this type of work and look just as good. For the longest time, I thought you had to put your time in only mowing lawns first before you got into offering yard clean ups, hedge trimming, tree pruning, etc. But now I realize, the jobs had always been there, all around me. All I had to do was ask for them. The more I ask now, the more jobs I get. The more jobs I get, the more confident I am about asking. Which then leads to even more jobs. I am even taking on jobs I had once thought were way out of my reach, like shaping or working on many tiered levels. Any complex job can be broken down to simple tasks.

Landscape Mulch Job - Before

Landscape Mulch Job - Before

There is great money in clean up jobs. It is effortless and you work at your own pace. Once you start the job and neighbors start noticing your work and quality, more jobs follow. One job landed me 6 more jobs, from sod install, shrub/tree pruning, garden clean outs and a ton of mulch jobs. Folks want their homes to look their best and will hire someone to do it if they trust them to do a good job.

This one particular client I maintain the shrubs/bushes and palms every 3 months. He is a business owner and had suffered greatly this past year, so he asked me if I could maintain the area every 6 months and in between he would tend to it. Well as you can imagine he didn’t have enough time in the day to keep it up. So, after a short time, we are back to the monthly and quarterly maintenance.

When I have a client whose landscape gets way out of hand, I do charge a premium to get it back in shape and back to having great curb appeal.

Landscape Mulch Job - After

Landscape Mulch Job - After

I now make suggestion to all of my clients when the need is warranted to some maintenance on the landscape. Funny, I tend to get many more calls around different holidays as home owners really want their property to look top notch when they have company over.

Half of my clients are with monthly lawn and landscape agreements. If you only offer the basic mow, edge, trim and blow for x amount of money, you need to have add ons. It may be what I do with the shrubs/bushes and palms or weeding, etc., but you need to look at the whole house and see what other services you can offer to generate more money and income for you and your business. If you don’t ask or point things out to the customer, you aren’t going to get the work. You can do this, even in your first year. Try it out!”

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