Using a lawn care business niche and theme to stand out.

There is a constant flow of new lawn care businesses that get started up every year as there is a constant flow of lawn care businesses that fail. Finding a niche and standing out is very important if you are going to find success. I think we all learn best when presented with examples of this, so here is an example of a lawn care business that has created a theme and a niche.

This new lawn care business owner wrote us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum to tell us a little about his business and where he came up with his unique style. “I am getting ready to start a lawn care business in the Spring. I have come up with my logos and some of my advertisement ideas thanks to this forum and to Steve’s book “The Big Lawn Care Marketing Book“, which I got two days ago and almost finished with. I have attached my logo, and one of my $10 off coupons.

Lawn Care Logo

Lawn Care Logo

My company is called Remember When Lawn Care Service. It stands for remembering when old fashioned work ethics, honesty, value and integrity were the norm in America. I elaborate on this in each of my advertising ideas. I hope to win customers and contracts by making people remember what it was like when these values were in place. I plan on giving the customer excellent customer service by doing more than they expect and being personable. If you show the customer that you really care about them and their lawn, then they are more likely to keep you around and tell others about you.

I plan on knocking on doors and handing out business cards and a coupon book for $50 off different service. For this first year, I plan on just mowing, edging, trimming, blowing, and gutter cleaning during the Fall. Next year, I am planning on hitting it big by including landscaping design, organic fertilization, and sprinkler systems.

Even though my name has an older feel, I am using modern equipment.”

I love the concept “Remember When.” Very creative and very unique!

Now since we deal with a lot of lawn care business owners who start up and don’t create a unique selling point as you have, can you tell us a little about where this came from? Have you had marketing experience in the past? What do you think led you to the concept that you had to be different to stand out?

Also can you tell us a little about what you plan on including in the $50 coupon book?

“My business concept came from years of customer service work. I have been in the customer service world all of my life. From managing a grocery store for a couple of years, restaurant management for 5 years and parts store management for 5 years.

It seems that business has become more cut-throat over the years. People have become more lazy. America is no longer a primarily blue-collar country as it used to be. I want to show customers that a company can give personalized customer support as well as a great service at a reasonable price. Just like it used to be years ago.

I am planning on starting out small this year because I work full-time 4 days a week at a job that I cannot just “give up” because of financial responsibilities. I plan on mowing after work every day and on my days off. I am sure I can handle around 15-20 accounts each week.

My coupons are going to be in the “currency” format. In order to get immediate contracts, I plan on offering the first mowing FREE with a signed annual contract. I will then give other coupons for different services.”

Lawn Care Coupon Book

Lawn Care Coupon Book

I love the concept and the logo. Simply put, it stands out! I would totally build on this theme. For instance you could create ‘back in time’ specials in your marketing material where you give a discounted price for a certain job. Maybe get some older photos of your town and use them in your marketing material where you could say remember when town hall looked like this? And then show a picture of town hall from the earlier part of the 1900’s. That way when a customer gets the flyer, they will want to hold onto it and show their spouse or their kids the picture as a historical lesson and oh yea by the way ‘do we need lawn service?’ Anything you can do to keep the consumer to hold onto your marketing material for a longer period of time, betters your chances of getting your message across and selling to them.

You could also create a small magnetic fridge calendar that would include different ‘remember when’ photos from around the town and then also have different seasonal coupons. I know I would certainly love to see some older pictures from my area I bet others would as well.

Why not build up a historical section in your website where you could have older photos and collect stories from senior citizens in the area? Why not put together a book on ‘remember when’ : A history of Your Town, IN. You could give historical presentations at the library. You could get free press on this and everyone would learn that you also offer lawn care. You could become the ambassador to all things that used to be good and bring them back! Join your local historical society or start one!

Tie all this in and make it work for you!

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