Turn your truck and trailer into a force multiplier.

In the military they use terms like force multipliers. This term means with a given number of soldiers using certain equipment, they are able to project a larger amount of force than if they didn’t have it. The same term can be applied to the lawn care business. In this discussion we will see how you can turn your truck or trailer into a force multiplier and have it work for you while you are working on something else. Your truck or trailer can become a force multiplier, in this case, projecting outward a marketing message to attract you new customers. Let’s see how some of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum are doing this.

Lawn care truck force muliplier

Lawn care truck force muliplier

A lawn care business owner attached a business card holder to the side of his work truck and wrote about what happened next. He said “the card holder works for you when you are not around. At the jobsite, hardware store, buying groceries, the mall…it will hand out your business card for you 24/7, just as long as you keep it stocked up. I put 10 business cards in mine eight days ago now and refilled it up today…seven were missing, I am very pleased.

This product just keeps on working. This weekend I was away and I took my son out to the grocery store. On our way out with the weekly munchies there was a woman reading my truck signage and took a card. As I walked up to the truck she started asking me some prices on mulch. She said she took a card and will contact me on Monday.

About 15 minutes I received my first phone call from a potential customer that took my card while I was out shopping. I now think I need another one for the passenger side. Everyone that owns a business needs one of these.”

Take a lawn care business card

Take a lawn care business card

Another member shared his strategy for promoting his services when he’s not on the job site. He wrote “sometimes I leave a trailer on the street after dropping equipment off, especially the 18′ one as I only use it for the excavators and larger tractors, it’s a real pain in the butt to pull around, and grab a shorter trailer, in this case I do leave post cards in a holder on the trailer and some people take one.

If I leave an excavator or tractor at a clients I leave a few post cards and let the client know where they are in case someone drops by, this too has brought us in a few contracts.

Next year I have to get yard signs. It’s a fairly common request from clients, also need to get some 11 X 14 signs printed on a water proof foam core as there are various places around the city where we are allowed to post.

The final place that brings in more inquiries than any other is the outdoor post office boxes that have a roof over them, I have cards in at least 30. I get a lot of inquiries and quite a bit of work this way.”

Great things to consider when you are looking for a way to make your business appear larger than it is and work for you even when you are not working.

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