Took the plunge but did I make a mistake?

There is a period of time between the moment you start and the moment you get your first customer where you question yourself and wonder if you have done the right thing. There have been many a new lawn care business owner who decided to cut their losses and run because their phone didn’t start ringing fast enough. If those new business owners, just held on a little longer and followed these words of advice from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, they might have found a very different outcome for themselves. One lawn care business owner found himself in such a spot and wrote to us about his situation.

He wrote “I’m new to the lawn care business world. I have been debating on whether to start my lawn care business for probably 5 years. In the midst of trying to make up my mind, I moved from one state to another. I had a hard time finding work I enjoyed so since I couldn’t make up my mind, I decided to do what I knew, and that was truck driving.

As of a month ago, I decided enough was enough. So I finally took steps to get my lawn care business started. I’ve lettered my truck, printed up flyers, have had business cards made, and spoken to an account. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it right. I’ve put flyers up, spoken to a few people, and handed out a few business cards.

So far, nothing. Not even a call. I’m starting to hit a funk, my neighbor across the street, also runs a lawn care business and he is booming with business. I don’t want to operate my business the way he does as, nothing is up to snuff. His work is good, but he’s not ‘legit.’ Anyway, did I make a mistake? Is this market just flooded with too many lawn care companies? Or am I just freaking out for no reason, and the phone isn’t ringing because of the time of year. Any idea? How do you guys get client?”

A second lawn care business owner shared “there are A LOT of lawn care companies in my area. There are also a lot of people that want lawn service. If you offer quality service and have good client relations, you’ll see your business grow. This time of year is when it starts to pick for us, so you might just be on the edge of starting to hear from people.

My lawn care business is also pretty new. I started last year and now have around 56 clients. I got a lot of them from Craigslist, word-of-mouth advertising from our other clients, and canvassing neighborhoods with quotes for lawn care written on the back of our business cards. To me doing good work is only 10% of the job, the other 90% is how you approach people and treat your customer.

I retained 99.9% of my customers last year and I plan on doing the same next year. So don’t give up, the business will come one customer at a time.

What I find very helpful is I post my flyers on craigslist with html and that helps out a lot. It also allows me to include my email address in a graphic that hides the email address from spammers who use programs to scan ad text looking for email addresses. So I don’t get any spam. I had my flyer professional made and here is an example of what I use.”

lawn care flyer

lawn care flyer

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