Tips when handing out lawn care flyers door to door.

Experimenting with different lawn care marketing techniques is a sure fire way to find a method that will work well. If it happens to be going door to door with flyers, there are techniques you can harness to improve your sales. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear some interesting points to consider when going out around town and knocking on doors to meet new potential customers.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my highest percentage of new customers has came from going door-to-door with my flyers. Knocking on the door, handing a flyer to them, and telling a little something about me and my services has worked well so far.

What are some of your thoughts on going out door to door on a Sunday afternoon? My concern is perhaps I would offend more customers than I would gain.

I have a neighborhood with about 500 homes ranging from middle to upper incomes for this area. I only know of one lawn care provider that services the community now. He has most of the business and is well known throughout the area.

Also, any tips on how to improve my door to door sales pitch? This is what I say in my normal ice breaker sales pitch:

‘Hi my name is _____________ I have started a small lawn care business this year and I’m passing out flyers getting the word out. I offer things like weekly lawn mowing , gutter cleanings, fertilizing. If I can help you please give me a call.’ And hand them a flyer.

What do you think?”

A second lawn care business owner said “whether or not you can go out on Sundays and make it worthwhile is all going to depend on where you live. I live in Tennessee and I will NOT bother people on Sundays. I will not even return messages on Sunday so as to not interrupt their life with their family. I will answer the phone if I hear it ring but that is as far as it goes.

As far as your script I would change it to:

‘Hi my name is _____________ I own (insert name of business here). If it would be alright with you, I would like to give you a flyer that explains the services we can provide for you. My focus is on quality service not quantity. If I can be of any help to you please give me a call.

If I do not provide the service you require, I may know a local reputable company that I can recommend.” Hand them the flyer and wish them a nice day.’

They have no need to know how small your company is or how new your business is unless they specifically ask. Never volunteer the fact that you’re just starting any service related business.

The thing is, practically anyone can jump into lawn care and because of this many people are left with a bad taste from new companies. The only reason I might say I was new is if I had no experience and knew nothing about what I was doing. Then maybe I would tell them I was just starting out so that they don’t expect to see a result that I couldn’t deliver.

I don’t bother people on the weekends, after work, etc. I like to go door to door when people are not home. I can deliver 150-180 flyers in 2-3 hours depending on how large the properties are.

If you get a homeowner who tries to cut you off and say they already have a lawn service provider, tell them they have a good service provider and then follow it with ‘if for some unforeseen reason they can not provide the service(s) you need to call you for help.’

Do not ever badmouth them, but if you get the opportunity to walk the property with the customer, you can point out issues such as lawn damage caused by a ZTR or excessive weeds or something like that and how you might handle things differently.”

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