Tips on how to market to commercial lawn care clients.

Getting your foot in the door is an important step when you are marketing to commercial clients but how should you go about doing this?

Greg: “I need some help in get some commercial accounts. I have one only because one of my customers has a storage place. How do I get my name to others when everywhere you look it says no solicitations at every front door?”

Troy: “With commercial accounts they really only care about two things: being reliable and cost of service.

I would first send them a letter, or brochure in the mail. Then I would follow up with a phone call approx 1 week later, asking them whether they received the letter and if they had any questions. Do not force yourself on them. Just explain your position, let them know that you are in the area, and would love to offer them a FREE estimate, no strings attached. What would it hurt for them to get another price to compare to their current company.

Whatever you do though, do not bash the other company. There are two reasons not to bash the other company: 1) it will make you look bad, and 2) the person in the other company may be related to the owner or employees of the company you are soliciting to. Just be patient though with commercial accounts.”

Greg: “Thanks for the help, I will let you know how it goes….

Just to let you know I would never bash another company because it is unprofessional and we are all out trying to complete the same goal.

Quick story one day after gassing up the truck and leaving the gas station I saw another landscaping that was having problems with his truck. It’s not a big company they have about 15 accounts. We both were working on his truck but to no luck we couldn’t get it started. So he told me that he would pay me to do his lawns for the day.. AND PAID CASH. so I had Sat. free so I bump my Friday list to Sat and made some money. We are all out there so if you see a landscaping need help…. help you never know what could happen…”

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