Tips on how to get your first lawn care customers.

A lot of people are getting laid off now. Some are having thoughts that now is the time to get their business started they always wanted. But this is bringing more competition than ever before for work which leads me to the question at hand. With all these new lawn care businesses getting started, how does one stand out? That is the question presented to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when a new member wrote “just a brief history…I was laid off last April from a manufacturing management job and have spent most of my time looking for work and going to boring interviews. Then I thought, why don’t I start a business I could do myself? I’ve worked hard for other people all my life so why not work hard for for me?

Lawn Care Customer

Lawn Care Customer

I take care of my property which is about 5+ acres which I love to do and while mowing I had this thought of lawn care. I love being outdoors and the thought of working for myself got me thinking more. I started doing research and ran across your sight which is very helpful!

What has stopped me so far? I’m 52 and thought maybe it might be too risky at this age, but it is something I know I could do a great job at.

I am considering starting this lawn care business, but it seems like every street I go down now has a truck with mowers. How do I compete with these guys???”

One member wrote “the simple answer is to do better work. First off all, anyone can purchase a mower and go into biz. But can they get quality results. Some of these crews suck at mowing and trimming and that gets me a lot of jobs. If you do good work people will notice the results.I have seen butchered weed wacking jobs and weed wacking done in hot weather that has ruined the edge of flower and mulch beds.Another one is vinyle fences and trailer skirting destroyed by trimmers. Stay away from this kind of material, especially when it is cold.

I am 41 and I had a carpet cleaning biz for 10 years that biz is alot harder to get customers than in lawn care with weekly mow jobs. There is a lot of competition to. It is always scary making that jump but look into making some flyers and other advertising methods. A lot of good ideas are on the Gopher Forum to read and then you gotta —- JUMP —-. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. I think most people could be profitable even part time at this as well.

I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day to let him know about my lawn care business and he told me he was very disappointed with his current guy and the problems he had with bad service.

Another member said “THAT is how it all starts! I’m new at this too, but this is exactly what I love about it. You find a prospective customer who is not happy with their current service. You get that one account, and work hard to make it look better than all the neighbors. Then you get the neighbors account as well once they see your clients yard looks better than theirs.

You work hard and try to make that lawn look better than the first lawn and the cycle goes on from there………….”

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