Tips on hedge trimming jobs.

If you are looking to bid on some hedge trimming jobs, there are a few tricks to the trade you need to know before you get started. Here are some bidding, trimming, and cleanup tips from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that should help you get started.

One lawn care business owner said “I decided to take on trimming hedges as a new service and so far it has been very popular. I have 5 estimates pending and I am not sure on how to quote them besides the obvious labor + disposal. Is there anything else any of you do to help decide what to charge?”

A second lawn care business owner said “the only other thing I consider in my estimates is the height of the hedges. I have three clients now that all have tall hedges that they want kept trimmed. They cost more because I have to use a ladder to reach the tops, thus it takes longer to trim them.

The first few jobs I did, I hadn’t learned how to use tarps yet under the hedges for quicker cleanup. The jobs looked great after I got done but a job that should of taken 20 minutes took me an hour with all the cleanup. The trimming went as planned but the clean up took forever.

While I was cleaning up, I noticed another company doing an apartment building next door. They all had tarps down and they had started and were gone before I was. I found out a local big box store sells the tarps and quickly got me some. Life is good now. So yes by all means use the tarps.”

A third added “myself and another landscaper figure we should be making about a dollar a minute plus removal and materials. If you have done some shrubs before, go off their size and how long it took you and try to figure how long it would take to do the next ones. Also factor in if you are just taking off new growth or do you have to reshape the whole thing.

New growth is quick and for me it usually comes out to $10.00 bucks a bush for a little trim. Get in the habit of dropping a tarp under the spot you are trimming it makes clean up so much faster. That sound like obvious advise but I see so many crews not dropping tarps and after they leave it looking bad.”

A fourth “depending on the type of bush, I normally just sweep the clipping back under the bush. over time it will break down and be very good for the soil of the bush. Leaves fall in the woods and look how great they all look. So why waste all that time sweeping up the debris and cost to haul it away. My cost for cleanups if needed is dependent on the amount of debris.”

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