The trouble with lawn care business flyers.

Has your lawn care business handed out flyers to market your lawn mowing services? What kind of results did you receive? Were you happy with the results? One lawn care business owner talked about his frustration with handing out flyers, on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and we got a chance to look into the potential reasons he was experiencing problems.

The trouble with Lawn care business flyers

The trouble with Lawn care business flyers

He wrote “Back in June I printed up some lawn care business flyers and posted them along with everyone else’s fliers at the grocer, the laundromat, the beauty salon and local restaurants. The total number of calls in response to these fliers: Zero!

Nada. None. Zilch.

I do believe the problem is the same as with web ads. Nobody looks at them anymore. When you see them all the time you automatically block them out. Especially when you put your ad in the middle of 300 other ads. It’s just sensory overload.

So far all of my referrals are from word of mouth of a happy customer.

I wonder if a news paper ad would generate more interest or if it’s just another waste of time. Does anyone actually get a response from fliers?”

A second lawn care business owner shared “I to feel that lawn care flyers are pretty much a waste of time. A few years back they seemed to work better before the market was saturated with lawn care business owners.

Newspaper ads worked a little better but in my market there can be up to 50 ads at one time for lawn care and mowing service. Again market saturation.

Getting out there and working seems to be the best for me nowadays.
People stop and ask for an estimate or other customers refer you.”

A lawn care marketing business owner then shared his insight which might help shed some light on the situation. He wrote “How many flyers did you pass out?

I’m not pointing fingers at you, but I think it’s important for all businesses (lawn care or not) realize that 1-2% response is about the best you will get. Don’t get me wrong, some might get better, but using direct mail rates for a lawn care company, .5% is a good reponse.

Keep in mind this is a “response” rate and not a SALE rate.

So for example, if you passed out 1,000 lawn care flyers, the best you would get is 20 phone calls. How many of those calls you convert to sales depends on many variables.

I think the most important thing to consider with any marketing is… volume. But good volume is the key. If you want to target home owners, then using something like valpak(not sure if ValPak is familiar to everyone or not, but is an envelope that is mailed with various advertisements in it) where it goes to homes, apartments, condos, etc. may not produce the response you are looking for. Newspaper ads are the same thing. For every newspaper bought by a “potential” customer probably two are bought by people who would have no need for your service. BUT STILL… these are still effective sometime, but the response you get based on the circulation rate might not be what you’re expecting.

You mentioned displaying flyers at the laundromat… I’m assuming your in the lawn business. Think of the customers you have now, I would say that most have their own laundry room, and don’t visit a laundromat.

You need to put your flyers, or ANY advertisement where it’s most effective. Putting flyers/door hangers etc. at a single family home door or mailbox should get you the best response. It takes lots of time, but it’s effective when done right. If you’re lazy like me use direct mail, it’s costs more money because of the postage, but you’ll hit the most amount of home owners in the shortest amount of time.

I’ve tried lots of advertising over the past 14 years, been part of a franchise, worked for the “big guys” and now on my own, so I’ve seen all types of methods work and fail.”

These are great points. You can print out 1,000’s of lawn care flyers and if they don’t get put into the hands of decision makers looking for lawn care services, you are wasting your resources. What you put on your flyer is just as important as who gets your flyer when you are looking for success.

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