The top 20 rules of professional lawn care.

I am always leaning something new on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and today is no exception. I would like to present to you the top 20 rules of professional lawn care the members of the forum have learned and wanted to share with you. Keep these in the back of your head at all times. There are things in this list to avoid as well as laugh hysterically at.

1. Trimming along the side of a pool & jumping over it’s corners due to junk lying around is a bad idea, you might fall in.

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2. If you’re on a roll while trimming a hill & the customer comes out to watch your mad skillz, your chances of scalping the hill increase.

3. If you don’t mow over dog poop, don’t even try to whippersnip around it, or you will get a tan too dark for your own good.

4. Don’t mow over styrofoam or news paper, your mower knows it’s not grass & will reject it all over the lawn in the shape of a middle finger.

5. Don’t trim a hedge if you haven’t checked it for birds nests, the mother of the birds will come out & smash into your head & steal your hat.

6. Everything including pavement & your trucks gas pedal is slippery once wet.

7. The wind has a split personality, it will cool you down, but make it so you are unable to blow the debris where you want. It wants you to really work hard during the fall.

8. Cleaning the inside of the discharge door on your mower while it’s on, scares people, but makes you seem brave.

9. When one thing goes wrong during the day, everything will eventually get worse.

10. Customers who like your price, still wont pay you on time.

11. When the customer wants you to line trim down the weeds growing up through the rocks in a flower bed near a sliding glass door… the answer is NO.

12. If you finish the 1st few passes on the lawn & it just doesn’t look right… You’ve probably forgotten to drop the deck on your ZTR down from the locked (up) position.

13. When training a new employee how to run a ZTR for the 1st time don’t underestimate how bad he is going to suck at it. Put him in the middle of a HUGE field where there is NOTHING to hit.

14. It’s cheaper to spend the .42 cent stamp & send them the invoice than to knock at the door for payment & have to waste 5 minutes every week talking about how hot it is. Mow the lawn & get the hell outta there.

15. “Maybe I won’t get stuck in there” is always a bad philosiphy.

16. Check palm trees for squirrel nests prior to trimming, it’s no fun to clean up half a baby squirrel.

17. Potholes are the arch enemy of trailer axles.

18. Bees, wasps, spiders, & fire ants all suck.

19. When you get to that time of year & need to cut the lawns 1/4 of an inch lower than normal to keep them from getting insane…. you can no longer clear that tree stump.

20. If you get done mowing an overgrown lawn & need to change the blades before going on to do your next lawn… the spindle bolts are going to be damn hot.

Do you any you would like to add? Post them on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

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