The secrets of mowing lawn stripes.

Richard posted some great lawn stripe pictures on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and along with the pictures he shared with us many of his secrets on how he gets his lawns to look so great.

Here are some of the questions he was asked. How long does it take to get the lawn to look so great. Would the stripes show up as well as they do after the first mowing or does it take many mowings for them to really show up?

lawn mowing stripes

Lawn Mowing Stripes

“The picture below shows my 3rd cut…if I know a lawn can really turn out nice I’ll double cut it, or highlight my lines. You can get roller kits for mowers as well that will produce the same effect easier.”

Lawn stripe

Lawn Stripe

Q: If you double cut a lawn to make it look nice do you work that into your price or do you just cut your losses on it?

“If I double cut lawns it is by my choice…so I would swallow my losses. However they act as my portfolio properties, such as this one. People look that them and say “I want my lawn to look like that”. From that pic above I now have 3 more properties just like that one on the same street now. Marketing is everywhere…know how to use it!”

Q: How do you go around all the trees first then cut the straight lines? And how do you get those great lines with a tree right smack in the middle? Just raise the deck and backup then go again?

“The only first cut I do is the perimeter then I start my lines. When I come up to a tree or other obstacle I go around and continue my line…doing so messes up your previous line so when I am done the lawn I’ll go back over and fix my line.”

Q: I am not trying to sound stupid but I just want to understand I am very new to this business.

If you use that in marketing material and people want there yard to look that way, would you eventually start to raise prices to compensate for the superior work. It seems to me that if you used it in marketing material and did not make there lawn look like that they would be angry, and then you would want to satisfy them so you would want to stripe their lawn and that would maybe mean a double cut. So it seems that working a superior cut lawn with magnificent stripes should cost the customer more than a lawn with out double stripes?

“Well I put stripes in every lawn that I do. From the largest to the smallest…it is just another way we separate ourselves from my competitors. However if I can make a lawn look superior any way possible I will do it. I will do things such as cultivating and weeding all tree wells in a lawn every visit. To put in perspective…I charge $70.00 per cut (weekly) and it takes me 0.75hrs to complete… That is a mow, trim, edge and blow. To do a double cut would take me an additional 0.5hrs. I would maybe double cut it twice per season as one set of line will be highlighted every week. There will be a total of four sets of lines in the lawn that I’ll maintain throughout the season.

This business is all about separating yourself from the pack. Show your lawn care clients they made a good decision by choosing your company to take care of their property. You don’t need to go and do extras like crazy… You still need to make money. Just focus on being the best at what you do. And remember to always do a walk around when you are done your job. Clients won’t see the 95% perfect work you did as well as the 5% you missed.”

Lawn Mowing Stripes

Lawn Mowing Stripes

“The above lawn stripe picture is a lawn I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I just do single cuts but you can see that if you have a steady hand you can make a poor lawn look great.

The lawn picture below is an update to the original photo. I just put my fourth set of lines in it. Now I’ll just rotate every week and highlight my sets.”

Lawn Mowing Stripes

Lawn Mowing Stripes

I hope this discussion helps point you in the right direction when it comes to creating amazing looking lawns. If you have further questions on this topic, make sure you join in on the discussion.

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