The pros and cons of using Facebook to promote your lawn care business.

There are many ways to promote your lawn care business. Most of them you can control the message and design it specifically for your targeted audience. But what happens when you utilize a marketing tool that allows for the injection of other outside variables into your marketing message, like facebook? How do you take a social networking site that because of it’s nature, has social interactions going on and keep it all middle of the road and politically neutral? Isn’t that ultimately what you have to do with your marketing? If you don’t, won’t you surely offend someone?

Then if that is the case and you can’t keep everything, light and fluffy and neutral, then are you going to be hurting yourself and ultimately your business by using such a marketing method? That is the question which came up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and it should give the reader quite a few reasons to really think out it’s usage.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m working on a website right now, but I also want to put my company on Facebook. I did a very quick search, and found most lawn care/landscaping companies on Facebook have a very minimal presence. The average page pretty much is just a picture and maybe a sentence or two about the company.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to take it further than that. Is there more I can do? Has anyone here actually gained customers by using Facebook? If so, what does your company’s facebook page consist of?

Using facebook for your lawn care business.

Using facebook for your lawn care business.

One thing that I have read and so far that seems to ring true is that a business will not start seeing any ‘measurable’ results with facebook until their fanbase reaches between 500-1000, which I feel is a pretty large amount of people. I just wonder if the work you have to put in to get this quantity of followers is worth it. Couldn’t your time be better spent advertising directly to residences or businesses that you are targeting?”

A second lawn care business owner said “here is what I am doing on my facebook. I am using it to give good advice about lawn care and property maintenance. I have a lot of my customers, friends, and family liking my page. What is happening is my friends tell other people they heard tips from my facebook page and it helps my name getting out there. I enjoy putting tips online and when I see these friends in person, they always say great post.
When I put some tips recently on the importance of my aerating service along with pictures of what it does, I got a couple of customers from it.

When you post on the page and your customer likes the post, all their friends see it. It does work. I have people posting about the landscapes I have built lately and I now have others landscape designs in the works because of that buzz.

For some it seems to work and for others it does not but if used correctly it can bring you in work or even add to the link power to your site.

To answer your question, yes you need to be on facebook. Many searches I have done for the different services I offer and my location have brought up my facebook page in the search engine results.

Here is an actual activity you can try to do with your facebook page.

Ask one of your full service customers if they would host an afternoon luncheon as a way to introduce some new people to what you do and so they can see your handiwork firsthand. Grill hot dogs and make potato salad. Comp the host’s service for 2 weeks for letting you have a one hour picnic at their house. This is a chance to educate prospective clients and make your current customer feel like a superstar.

Post this as a Facebook event and spread the word until 50 or so people sign up. If you are good at confirming the Facebook RSVPs, you will have 20-25 perspective clients happily munching away on a Saturday afternoon while you tell them all about the great work you’re doing for the host.

Using facebook, this example will work, if you live in a fairly populated area.”

A third added “I can see facebook being useful for someone new like myself, where most of my jobs are from word of mouth. Facebook is electronic version of that same word of mouth.

That said, I still don’t have an account because I have never used it, and don’t fully understand it. I’d like to use it for my business and not for personal use, but it seems that there are limitations to doing it that way that seem to defeat the purpose of having JUST a business profile.

Here is one reason I can think of as to why I haven’t signed up on facebook.

All those people who are linked to your account (friends, likes, whatever it’s called) are a reflection of you - like it or not. What if you have a friend who posts something nice on your page, but a potential customer clicks on his/her profile because they were curious about them. What if that friend has posted all sorts of immature, comments everywhere you look? I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting, but a business has an image to maintain.

Another thing that I am concerned about is that I am a firearm enthusiast. Guns are a very polarizing issue for some people. Mostly it’s a problem for those who oppose gun ownership, and unfortunately, those types are more likely to avoid my services if they discover (gasp!) that I’m a gun owner.
I mention this because many of the people who would be linked to my page would also be gun owners - unapologetic, unashamed, GUN owners. Could this be an issue? Judging from the bias I see people use against others with differing views, I’d say it could be a problem and it is something a business owner strongly needs to consider.”

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