The pros and cons of different lawn care business vehicle options.

There are many different styles of vehicles you can use for your lawn care business besides a standard pickup truck. Each has their pros & cons based on their designs. Choosing a vehicle which would be best for you depends how you will use it. It also might come down to what you have access to at the moment. Let’s take a look at the different vehicles lawn care business owners use from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner shared “here is my current lawn care truck setup, it works real nice for me! It consists of a van and enclosed trailer. Everything stays locked up & dry at all times. The van has a 5.0 V8 engine so it has plenty of power for pulling the trailer & mower.

You can just imagine all the pros and cons of owning a van for use with a lawn care business. With a van you have a lot of ad space for your lawn care business signage. You’re equipment can be locked inside of the van or in my case, the enclosed trailer overnight, so I don’t have to load it every morning and unload it at the end of the day. Unless they steal the van or want to saw there way into it, there is no theft like there is with open trailers and trucks.

The only real big con I have found with it so far is when you are wanting to buy things in bulk. Like mulch, sod and such, you just can’t do it, a dump or pickup truck would be much better. To get around this I usually have those materials delivered to the job site.

For safety sake, I don’t keep any flammables or gas in the van, only in the enclosed trailer so it never stinks!

I got the van because I also use it for camping from time to time. I just unload all the lawn business tools, add a couple of cots, other necessary items and I’m ready to go, it’s great!

The air conditioning is pretty much useless during the summer because of all the mass area it has to try and cool down. To try and cool off I added the opening windows in the rear doors and the air flow when moving is a lot better now.”

lawn care van truck set up

lawn care van truck set up

A second lawn care business owner said “I expect everyone to laugh at this one but…. here are typical pictures of my car I am currently using for my lawn care business. I put the mower, 3 gas cans, blower, misc. parts like trimmer string, socket set and spare blade all in my trunk. I put my trimmer on the floor in the rear seating area. This is all I can deal with for the time being.

I intend to purchase a 5X8 open landscape trailer in the near future. It’s 350 lbs empty. My car can tow up to a max of 1,000 lbs. So that leaves me with 650 lbs to play with. All my lawn care equipment weighs at most 100 lbs total. That should leave me with plenty of wiggle room for additional future equipment weight before I need to consider buying a used truck. Also the trailer can take a payload up to 2,000 lbs, so that could be used later when I have a truck to tow it.”

2005 Malibu Lawn Care vehicle

2005 Malibu Lawn Care vehicle

A third lawn care business owner added “here is my lawn care box truck setup. I don’t have pics of it fully loaded with equipment yet. When I took these pictures I had it empty because I have been making side money over the winter moving people and doing furniture deliveries.

The truck is a 1998 Ford E-350 with a 5.4L Triton V8. It weighs 8,000 lbs or (4 tons!) with just me in it. I know this because I hauled some scrap metal to the local recycling center and that was my weight on the scale when I rolled out. It’s equipped with a Waltco hydraulic lift that I use to lift my 36″ walk behind lawn mower with, among other things.

Inside the box, I have my line trimmer mounted on the wall. It can hold a lot of my tools out of the way like my hedge clippers, string trimmer, and stick edger.

These types of trucks are everywhere down here where I live. They are mostly used by the bigger lawn care and landscaping companies. I wouldn’t recommend using one if you are with a crew and have to go somewhere else. You can’t just drop the landscape trailer off and go to another site because there is no trailer. If you did leave a job site, there would be a lot of lawn care equipment you’d have to take off the truck in case they need them while your gone.

The main reason I bought this style lawn care truck is because I mow a lot of houses that are on main roads and they usually have very small driveways where it is hard to park or get off the side of the road. With this type of lawn care truck, you can just pull into the driveway and not have to worry about backing a trailer up into a busy street. ”

box van lawn care truck

box van lawn care truck

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