The power of word of mouth marketing for your lawn care business.

Becky joined up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and shared with us some of her insight into the power of word of mouth marketing.

Becky:Hi everyone. My husband has been in the lawn care business for 13 years, I’ve been helping him for 4 and this year is gonna be great! We already have three times the customers we had last year.

Steve:What kinds of things do you do to market your lawn care business?

Becky:It’s all been word of mouth. Over the years it has grown and we have very loyal customers who keep us busier and busier each year. I had a good housekeeping business, I cleaned their houses and he cared for their lawns but now its all about the lawn care. We both enjoy it and want to do it all ourselves but have had to bring in a part-time helper and planning to add another this summer, maybe two. Word of Mouth advertising is the best you can get. We are just wanting signs & stuff so people know who we are when were out and about. We have new customers we haven’t even met yet and a different truck so our old customers wont recognize us right away. Its just time to step it up. We are excited and ready to get started. Snowed in at the moment but ready for spring!

Steve:That’s amazing! Do you for see yourself doing any marketing with flyers, door hangers or newspaper ads this year?

Becky:Nothing like that this year, we are already so booked we’re not sure how were gonna do it. After we see how this summer goes we probably will. We just need to see where were at. We had planned on advertising this year then people started calling. We are full service and want to be able to spoil our customers a bit so we need to make sure things go as planned with scheduling and workers. We’ve only had 3 weeks off this winter (not consecutive) and that was due to weather.
We love being busy, were addicted to hard work but its only fun as long as you can stay caught up.

This is where we hoped to be, we want to grow every year, and have little by little. The past couple of years we’ve grown almost too fast. We have been blessed. I just wish we could go one year without having to make a major equipment purchase. And gas is gonna be ridiculous this year!!! Were not getting rich but were doing well and having fun!
I love this site! Wish I had found it sooner.”

Steve: “Do you have any advice for other newer lawn care business owners? Have there been any pitfalls you found yourself dealing with that could have been avoided and others could avoid with your advice?”

Becky:We have good relationships with other lawn care businesses in the area, and have made some really great friends. We don’t consider them competition. We couldn’t mow the whole county if we wanted to. We are just groups of people with the same interests and we help each other out.
Most important is the relationships we have with our customers. If we have a slow day because of weather we will go visit with them and make sure they are satisfied or if they need anything. Almost ALWAYS these visits give us more work. They are always thinking of things they would like done. We change light bulbs, have dog sits, house sits, put up Christmas lights, painted, carried things to the attic for storage. We try to be there for them always.
We send and receive Christmas cards, I make Christmas candy for them. Some of them have adopted us as family haha. My husband has been a pall bearer at customers funerals. When we had our first grandchild we were surprisingly showered with gifts. Just treat them like family, we see them more than family in some cases and they are providing for our family by allowing us to work for them. Respect them and their property as you would your own and be fair in pricing. Go easy on churches and elderly who are on fixed incomes.
Always remember if not for them you wouldn’t have a job

Steve:That is really amazing! So you will just stop by their house and knock on their door and see if they need any extra help with anything or how do you go about asking them?

Do you go during the weekdays or the weekends? During the afternoon or in the evening? Or what would you suggest?

Becky:Don’t bug em, just stop by. We usually stay outside and visit and look around the yard. Ask how they are doing and if the yard has been looking good. Just want to make sure they are happy and let them know if they need anything all they have to do is call. Don’t stay long, just check in occasionally and make sure their happy. Saturday afternoons are good, or if your driving by and see them outside, just take a minute.

I was thinking about mistakes people make when starting the business. Something we see a lot here is people get gung ho and buy the biggest baddest truck, trailer, great mowers and accessories and a year later they are bankrupt. Don’t buy anything unless you absolutely have to. People don’t care what you drive as long as you get there as scheduled and do a great job.

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