The power of networking to promote your lawn care business.

There are many lawn care marketing methods you can use to promote your business but none seem to give you as much bang for your buck as networking. Talking to people, letting them know what you are doing with yourself and handing out business cards is very important. In fact you can become very successful by focusing solely on marketing to your social network as we will see here in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I just might have gotten very lucky. I was at the county office today and was talking and joking around with some of the girls in there. Through our talk, I came to find out one of the lady’s husband’s owns a landscape company specializing in marine landscapes (bulk heads rip rap etc) and she took one of my cards and said they will be referring their customers to me for lawn maintenance.

But wait, there is more to this story. As I was talking with her, a woman over heard us talking and interrupted wanting to know who I was and exactly what I offered, so I confidently told her come to find out. She is the editor of the local newspaper and I have an appointment with her in the morning at 8:30am to give her a price on some landscape work and she also offered to do a write up on me and my business for their business column. Needless to say, she will be getting a hell of a deal if there is anything she wants done.

So just remember there is work everywhere. Even in places you least expect it to be and always be advertising your services even if you’re not getting any work out of it. Your name will eventually be branded into their mind and that will give them a comfort level with you and they will be willing to give you referrals. Always keep a handful of business cards in your pocket.

A second lawn care business owner said “I had a similar experience last week. I got a call from a guy who just bought a new home and still owns the old one. The frost this winter beat up the landscape and he wants a quote to trim out the dead branches, pull a few dead plants etc. I quoted him $200 and he accepted.

I do the job and he says ‘now, how much to replace those 5 dead plants, I don’t wanna spend a ton.’ I tell him him similar plants in a 1 gal size are probably around…. and he interrupts me and says ‘let’s just do this. We got $200 for the clean up, do what you can for me for $500 total.’

I went back 2 days later and installed new plants, fertilized the old plants, and took some time to water them all. I call him up and he says ’so what do I owe ya $500 right?’ I said ‘ya know what I can’t even justify that, you only needed 5 new plants. Call it $325.’ He says ‘I’ll pay you $350 and that’s final.’ Then he asks me to drop off some business cards at his office because he told all his salesmen about this guy that did a great job for him at a fair price, who had the opportunity to but didn’t take advantage of him.

He’s a manager for one of the national pest control companies. So, then he tells me to come by the office Wednesday at about 3:40 pm instead. I said ’sure, why?’ He told me they have a weekly sales meeting at 4pm and he wanted to introduce me to all the salesmen and do a little speech about who I am and what my company offers. Then a I got a little Q&A session from the guys about cutting heights, frequency etc. (they wanted to be sure I know what I am doing) and they are now going to refer all their lawn pest and fertilizer customers to me for mowing ! How cool is that?”

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