The perfect sized start up lawn care business trailer.

What size landscape trailer does your lawn care business need? Do you need a big one that shouts ‘Hey my company is big, and I am successful!’ or could you get away with a smaller one that doesn’t shout at all. When you pull up next to another landscaper at a stop light, do you feel you need to have a bigger truck and a bigger landscape trailer than them? If so, why? As we will see here from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, sometimes being smaller is better in many ways. Lets see how.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this is my new (Carry-On 4×6) lawn care business trailer. I use it when I have small lawns or small jobs to do. It is compact and great to tow around in my area without using a lot of gas. Everything has it’s place on the trailer. Other lawn care business owners have offered positive comments on it and say you can get a lot done with that set up.

I was just like everyone else when I first started up my lawn care business. I started with a push mower, a multi unit (line trimmer, blower, and edger) all in one, rake and a shovel. All this went in the back of the truck. After some time I bought a consumer grade lawn tractor (used it for 2 years) and that is when I needed my first trailer. I bought the tractor from a big box retailer and needed a way to get it home so I purchased the trailer too LOL. That day they had a deal for 20 % off lawn and garden equipment. I saved almost the same amount the trailer was, so it was like getting the trailer for free.

lawn care trailer 1

lawn care trailer 1

After doing some upgrades to the equipment (got a commercial line trimmer, edger, hand held blower) I purchased my first commercial grade ZTR mower. I needed something commercial grade that could still get into the gate openings (36″). After a lengthy research I one that I thought was the best made, great warranty and great local service dept. Then I realized that I only had my 4×6 trailer to haul it around. I measured the mower and knew that this was the only one I could get to fit onto my trailer without having to buy another one. Whenever I put something on the trailer it just seems to fit perfectly. Everything has a place.

lawn care trailer 2

lawn care trailer 2

As I scaled up and my lawn care business grew, I purchase a 16′ trailer. It allowed me to tow around my ZTR and my other lawn tractor to larger job sites. It costs a lot more in fuel to lug the bigger one around and is more difficult to find parking at times on busier streets, so I mainly use the smaller set up. Most of the time, it’s all I need and gets the job done. If I need a different mower on a jobs site I just change out the mower or bring the bigger trailer.

lawn care trailer 3

lawn care trailer 3

The thing I learned by doing this is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be profitable and efficient. Keep everything streamlined and that will help you maximize your profit potential. You don’t have to have the biggest baddest truck in town with the biggest trailer and haul the most lawn care equipment to make a healthy profit, in fact, it’s probably the guys that keep things cost effective like me, that make the most profit, but we just do it without a lot of fanfare.

Keep it simple and keep it profitable.”

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