The lawn care business & learned helplessness.

Have you ever looked around you and seen some people tend to excel at almost anything they do while others seem to fail? When you look at the businesses or projects you have been involved with, have you found more success or more failure and wondered why that happens? Are you lucky? Are you jinxed? If  you happen to find that you don’t perform as well as you’d like to in the business world or in life you may want to research the mental condition of learned helplessness. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum brought this topic up and it was a fascinating discussion.

He wrote “I had a great discussion with a close friend tonight. We discussed some of the aspects that cause people to fail at business (and life). When you have a quiet 30 minutes, sit down and do some research on the topic “Learned Helplessness.” It’s a condition that effects some people where they learn to behave helplessly. With repetition of this behavior over time, people who allow themselves to fall victim to this condition won’t right their situation even when there is an opportunity in front of them to do so.

I find it fascinating to think that situations we encounter in our early years can have dramatic effects on how we problem solve cirmcumstances years later. As you sit there and think about this condition, you may be able to think of instances in your past that interfere with you being the best person you can be, today. I know I can.

We have to remember that we all have the power to affect change in the world around us. Do you think the difference in wildly successful entrepreneurs is that they know how to channel that energy? I do.

Have you ever met people who can walk into a crowded room and the whole room brightens in a positive light? Other people are naturally drawn to those people. What’s more, great ideas gravitate toward them and nothing seems impossible.

The ability to affect change positively and help people believe in you and your visions (whether it’s a sketch of a small planter for a residential customer or a vision of a huge landscape project for an industrial plant) is a sure path to success.”

Some people feel that the world effects them and they are powerless to do anything about it. Others feel like they effect the world and they have the power to change things. We all have the power to change things if we allow ourselves to be positive and think we can.

It is very possible the vast majority of people in our society feel powerless to change anything. This is absolutely something we learn from our interactions within our society and it could very well be explained as “Learned Helplessness.”

Why do some people want to be an employee? Why do some want to be a boss? Why do some want to be owners? Do they think they can do it or can’t do it? Maybe they simply don’t care about anything and a weekly paycheck is all they want?

Success is within the reach of everyone who is willing to learn and then do. There will be those who feel they can do nothing and they won’t take the time to read and learn. However, there will be those who want it all and want to learn as much as possible. They will be the ones who find much success. Remember you don’t have to allow your past experiences to effect your future plans. When the time comes to act, which path will you choose?

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