The Lawn Care Business Fund Raiser Card marketing idea

Ok how about this. You get cards printed for a local school to help them raise money for whatever. Then you get an agreement that you will be the only lawn care business to take part in this offer.

Then the student go out and sell the cards and you get all this great word of mouth promotion. On top of that, your website is the site the card says to check to see the list of where the card is accepted!

What a great deal. Can you imagine all the web traffic this would bring in and the amount of jobs it could land for you!

School Fundraising Cards and Discount Cards

Fundraising cards are a proven money maker for your school, group or organization! The front of a typical fundraising card features an organization’s name and logo. The back of the card features (twelve to twenty discount offers provided by local merchants) who you can also list on your website to drive traffic to your site and it allows your list of merchants to grow as more cards are sold, who agree to honor it on a continuous basis for a one year period. You sell these discount cards for up to $10 each and make up to over $9.00 per sale!

How much can we really earn selling these?

Let’s say you have 50 members in your group and each member sells 10 fund raising cards for $10.00 each. That’s a total of 500 sold and $5,000.00 in sales. Your order from us was for 750 cards including design and shipping at a total cost of $530.00. Subtract the $530.00 form the $5,000.00 in sales and your net profit would be $4470.00. That’s 90% profit!

That’s great, but don’t we need a salesman to get the merchant sponsors and discount offers?

No. Its easy, you can do this yourself. Just call or visit a prospect, tell them about your fundraiser and ask them to support your group by providing a discount, two-for-one or “buy one, get one free” offer. Need a list of discount offer ideas or a sample sponsor sign-up form? Contact us and we’ll send them right to you.

Merchants who are on your fundraising card’s website will be seen as giving back to the community and enjoy a continuous stream of paying customers for an entire year. This is an extremely cost effective way for them to advertise - and they know this. That’s why it’s not difficult to get sponsors and why you should be somewhat choosy and only include merchants that will give the best offers.

Read more from the vendor of these cards here.

Sample front of the card.

lawn care marketing business card front

Sample back of the card.

Since you are paying for the printing of the card, you also get your logo on the back half of the card and your contact information!

lawn care business marketing card back

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