The biggest mistakes made by lawn care contractors.

Have you ever sat back and wondered what it is that is keeping your lawn care business from growing? Do you find it difficult to talk with new people? Do you have a difficult time trying to sell yourself and your services? If you do, you are not alone. I had a discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum with a contractor marketing expert. We talked about his view on what the biggest mistakes landscape contractors make and he had a lot to say in response.

He wrote “most contractors are not very good at sales so therefore they undersell their services to homeowners. They are often too timid to sell and don’t fully explain the features and benefits of their services. Another issue I see is that so many contractors are very talented but don’t market themselves well. To solve this problem much more focus must be put on training their staff to sell informatively to the homeowner or business owner by acting as a consultant. If the contractor would add value, the customer will see the value.

The staff needs to be trained and empowered to be more engaged with the customer and should receive a incentive, bonus and commission. Two many contractors low ball! Recently I talked with a landscaper who went into commercial building and said ‘whatever your current contractor charges you for lawn care I will do it for 1/2 that.’ This practice makes price the only point that you make important about you and your service.

When the potential commercial asked the contractor to show him a sample of his service for free, the contractor mowed and trimmed his property to demonstrate and he got the job. Great, now he owns a job. So what… Is he making any money? No! He is a losing money and will no doubt shortly go out of business.

The guys who are out there making money and enjoying the good life understand the importance of training, incentives, spiffs, rewards, motivating, bonuses, base-pay + commission etc. They empower their staff to make decisions, to move people up the ranks and become crew leader/foremen after 3 years and provide career options. If all you do is look at your help as labor, guess what, that is all you will get and they will ultimately quit.

Another big mistake contractors tend to make is that they are too shy to upsell services. Upselling honestly, or looking for things to suggest is very valuable. If a staff member is too shy, find someone else who can do the job. Remember keep the pipeline full and keep training people well. It may cost you a bit but you will either pay a little now or pay a lot later.

Get a few employees going. Teach them the business and grow your operation. Next let them run a territory and focus on marketing, marketing, marketing.”

The biggest mistakes made by lawn care contractors - GopherHaul 56 Lawn Care Software Show

The biggest mistakes made by lawn care contractors - GopherHaul 56 Lawn Care Software Podcast

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