The best way to get lawn care customers fast!

Every business owner wants to know the best and fastest way to acquire new customers as fast as possible. There are many methods to gain customers and some of them will work better than other. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one entrepreneur talks about how he got his customers and the way he did it was quite creative.

One lawn care business owner wrote “the best way I have found to get more lawn care customers quickly is to do more door to door advertising. What I did was I put an ad on craigslist looking for door to door canvassers and wrote that they would earn $50 for every person they got to sign up for my mowing services.

When I got the first person to contact me and do it I thought about it and realized I could have 10 people going door to door for me! It would not cost me more per hour because I was not paying them by the hour. I basically created my own marketing army all from craigslist and it sure did work. I was able to get 5 new mowing accounts in just a couple days.

The best way to get lawn care customers fast.

The best way to get lawn care customers fast.

This strategy is great and now I keep looking for more people to go door to door for me. Imagine if I had 25 people going door to door! With all of them walking around for free until they made a sale. That sale would be for a whole year’s worth of lawn care. The best part about it is with the scale I am at, I will be able to cover my whole city within a month and then I can repeat the process again.

To get the most bang for my buck, I have each of these door to door sales people wear uniforms, a jacket with our name on it and a hat as well. Then they go door to door, house to house talking about our services. Not only that but I offer a special where if they sign up, my company will give them a free pressure washing worth up to $100. You would be surprised how well it works .

The power washing offer gets even better. I will do just the driveway for free. When the home owner sees what I can do they then want everything power washed. Side walks, steps, backyard patio, vinyl siding, etc. For those additional services, they are willing to pay for. I found I can charge a higher amount than I normally do because I am at that point a known quantity. They know what they will be getting and they will still want to have me do it. So it works great. No other lawn care company in my area offers this so I get a lot of business.

When I interview the sales people, I look for those who look smart and clean cut. Then after I get a few people, I train them to write down all the addresses they talked to and who request estimates. Then when they call me and I give an onsite quote. I guess I could have them do the estimates but that takes more skill and I would rather be meeting with the customer. I also get a background cheek done before sending them out so I can see their history. So far I haven’t had any problems.

I put codes on the flyers the sales people hand out so I know who put it out. If the customer doesn’t want an annual mowing contract, they don’t get the free pressure washing as I offer that as a bonus for signing up. They still need to sign an agreement that says they will stay for at least 3 weeks. It is like a 30 day notice to cancel so I always win.

It seems about 90% of the people who become customers will sign up for the annual contract so it’s a great way to do that. I also went to my local pizzeria and asked if they could staple one of my pressure washing special flyers to every pizza box the sell. They agreed in return for some lawn maintenance. That was an amazing deal for me as it’s not a small pizza place they put out about 100 pizzas a day. If this works out well, maybe next I will go to a Chinese restaurant and do the same thing. At the end of my first year doing this I added 100 customers. Wow!

Another thing I was thinking about doing was teaming up with a local nursery to plant one hundred trees around our city. Why? Well we could get some media attention for this like ‘local lawn care business and nursery plant one hundred trees in our city’ if you want to donate a place for a tree call Joe’s Lawn Care. So we would get free advertising and people would get free trees and other stuff.

Then we could have a huge celebration for the one hundredth tree planted like we will have a bunch of people come down to the city park. We could sponsor a cook out event and that would be a great thing.”

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