Team up with a real estate agent to promote your lawn care business.

Real estate agents are the first people to really make contact with new home owners in your area. The agent has already built up a bond with the new home owner and is in a great position to refer your services to them. Why not team up with one or many real estate agents in your area. Help them create a welcome to the neighborhood kit and give yourself a head start jump on your competitors.

Rob wrote us on how he got involved with a real estate agent to cross market his lawn care business to new home owners.

realtor lawn care business cross marketing

Rob: “While I was working yesterday a real estate agent stopped to talk to me. He has built a great referral program and a service package that he gives home buyers when they buy a house. He told me he wanted to put me on his “preferred” service providers list that goes in these packages.

Right away he gave me a coffee cup with his all his information on it and a Thanksgiving card and small candle for my wife. The candle had all of his information on it as well. What a great idea!

He told me he would help me make a flyer like the one he gave me which was very professional and nice. Also told me he could help me grow my business. Based off of referrals. I only talked to him for about 10 min cuz it was getting dark and I had to load up and leave.

On the front there was a picture of a family around a thanksgiving table that says “Happy Thanksgiving Thanks for making me part of your life.” On the inside is a recipe for pumpkin pie dip. It says his name and real estate office then “A referal is sending someone you care about to someone you trust. Thank you for trusting me.” I think its a great idea with the recipe and all. It also came in a bag with the candle.

I thought the card with the recipe inside and the candle with info was pretty cool. I’m going to do something like this with my Christmas cards. He seemed to be doing good with it.”

Steve: “I really like the idea. He positions himself to be the go to person in the community as he creates this network of contractors in the area with his referral group. This not only helps him build good will with the new home owner but he also builds awareness of his services through his contractor contacts. Both sides benefit.”

Rob: “He called me last night and gave me a customer to contact for some work. I’m going to there house tomorrow for a bid. I was surprised. I have talked to a lot of agents and usually don’t here back from them. He said to let him know when I want to meet with him so he can help me make up some literature. He can probably give me some great ideas on a referral program since hes been so successful with his.”

Steve: “Does he want a referral fee for this? Or how does this work?”

Rob: “No fee, he just expects the same in return. I run into people about twice an month that are selling there houses so I will refer him. He had a very good presentation for his service package and referral program. A notebook full of colorful, laminated pages that he has spent some time on. Not just something he threw together.”

Steve: “That is fantastic. You should contact other real estate agents to do this with and get a hold of more contractors as well to work together on welcome packages.”

Rob: “I went out and gave them a bid and got a $650 job this weekend!”

This is a great example of how networking with others in your area can really help you reach out to more potential customers with a minimal expense on your part. As we all know, keeping your expenses to a minimum is very important, especially when you are just starting out.
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