Tattoos and the lawn care business.

There are a lot of different interests people have out there. Some are more well accepted than others. Having an interest in baseball, and creating a lawn care business around a baseball theme, probably won’t offend, scare, or turn any potential customers off. But what about an interest in tattoos? Could you take an interest in tattoos and turn it into a lawn care business theme? Would it be something that potential customers would welcome? Would it help you stand out and get you more business? That is something a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was wondering when he wrote us.

He said “I am starting a lawn care business and I have an interesting hurdle to overcome. I am professional with my appearance, well liked in my small community, family man, all that jazz, and I also love tattoos.

I’ve never worried at all about offending people because I feel like I am a pleasant person. My tattoos aren’t ugly back alley tattoos. They’re expensive beautiful pieces and I love ‘em. Generally people like to come up to me to tell me they like my tattoos as well, even a lot of older folks. In general, my tattoos have allowed me to start up many great conversations with people I never would have had the chance if I didn’t have them.

The reason for all my yammerin’ is I was wonderin’ how good of an idea it would be to incorporate the fact I have tattoos, into my business name, ie: Tattooed Lawn Service. I’m still trying to come up with something more clever though or come up with a creative tag line with it.

I was just thinking about the fact that there WILL be instances where people will see me after they’ve called for an estimate & think ‘uh oh, he has tattoos’, and that might cost me jobs. So having a name and a brand that includes my tattoo theme could kinda help cut down on THAT a little. Plus, it could be catchy & different enough to stand out more than your average “Last Name’s Lawn Care”.

I’m not naive enough to think my tattoos won’t offend or turn off anyone. I know it is a hurdle I will have to either hit head on & use it as some kind of advantage or give in & hide them, which would be hard to do or maybe even give up on this business idea all together. I don’t intend to give up, and hiding them will be an option I will seriously consider if I absolutely have to.

I’ve learned a great deal from browsing the Gopher Forum for the last few weeks, proving you never too old to stop learning. I thought I knew quite a bit, but you guys have really opened my mind to a lot of cool ideas & tricks. So already your opinions are very valuable to me.”

A second lawn care business owner said “well consdering I spent most of my adult years in the military, it was hammered into me that tatoos look unproffesional. But I do have 4 of them. Each are meaningful to me and all I drew myself, but they are all easily covered with a t shirt. I do believe that these days, tattoos are a bit more acceptable in most cases. They may be a problem with some of the higher end clients, but your idea of using your tattoos as a theme is a good one. And if you own your own business, that is one of the perks, name it what you want and do what you want.
So try it out and see what kind of response and results you get. Good luck and hope it all works out.”

A third business owner said “I love the idea. You could go with something like ‘Lawn Grew? Call Tattoo!’ I love it! Don’t hide your tattoos. Be proud of them and use them to separate yourself from the rest. I think its an awesome idea! Here is another slogan you could use, ‘Is your lawn on the brink? Call the man with lots of ink!’ You could really come up with a great tattoo styled lawn care logo too.”

A fourth business owner said “I have a tattoo on my arm that I had done when I was younger. It’s covered and nobody knows I have it. The people I work for at my full time job don’t know either. I always wear long sleeved t shirts. Even in public with my family. My hair is short, I have no piercings either. When I go to my customer’s homes and mow there lawn I don’t show it and I never will. To me, if you show up with tattoo’s all over and just looked like you woke up from a hangover you really think I would hire you? Honestly?

On the flip side, if you came to my door wearing a suit to mow my lawn I’d probably laugh. I’m old school and even though I have a tattoo I still find I do judge people a lot by looks and appearances. As so do many others. To some it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t have to worry about it.
That’s just my view and I find the entire idea very risky. If your theme doesn’t sit well with potential customers, you might find yourself dead in the water. It’s always easier to go with the flow when it comes to business and try to stick with the pack, but on the flip side, you’ll never get any further than the pack does, if you stick with them. So the choice is yours. Just know what you are up against.”

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