Starting a lawn care business with next to nothing.

It’s very important to realize that it doesn’t take much to get your lawn care business started. For those of you reading this article thinking you need to save a little more money before you can begin, you may want to re-evaluate your position. Here is a great story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how one entrepreneur got started with nothing more than his feet and a push mower.

He wrote “I joined this forum roughly 2 weeks after I was laid off from my job. I was doing mechanical engineering drafting for about 2 years for this company. I had a total experience of about 12 years dong it. When the economy took a turn for the worse, out the door I went. Then I had to re-evaluate my income options.

I thought back to when I was a kid. I ran a landscaping business with a buddy of mine. He stuck with me for 1 season. I did it successfully for 5 seasons all the way until I went off to college for engineering. Looking back, I should have just stuck with it and expanded, but foolish me I didn’t.

I am currently engaged and have a 5 year old so I not only have to support myself, but 2 others, which makes one self work harder to survive. I mowed my neighbor’s lawn for the past 3 years when she approached me and asked if I could do it for her. I told her sure and gave her a price and went with it, but only her. When I was laid off I did some searching online and most of my searches lead me to this site so I signed up. I downloaded some contract ideas and flyer advertisement ideas. Printed out several flyers and distributed them to about 30 town homes in my neighborhood and ended up with 8 customers all within eye sight of my backyard.

So I began my business on foot. I started out with just mowing. Then after a few months I added in trimming, edging, hedge trimming, and cleanup utilizing old equipment from when I first did landscaping back over 10 years ago. I included everything in my price for each property. I charged a little bit more for end of group town homes but still had no idea what to charge and just based my estimates off my old estimates I had from over 10 years ago plus added a little for inflation.

Now you try mowing with a gas mower, electric trimmer, electric blower and 150-200 foot of power cord. It was tough! Next I was referred to a friend of one of my customers that lived a few blocks away and I wasn’t going to be able to walk to the property with my equipment. So I experimented a bit with my car and that’s when I discovered. HEYY my mower and equipment fits in the trunk of my car with the handle folded up.

With that I decided to expand my business to another neighbor about a mile away. After passing out some 60 flyers, I landed an additional 10 customers. So by the end of season I had gotten a total of 18 customers and was looking to expand even further.

Next I had to update my equipment. I got a gas powered trimmer from a friend who donated it to me but still had the electric blower. Near the end of fall, I purchased a new gas powered blower/vac. and this gave me 2 major improvements.

1. Completely gas usage, which meant it took less time to provide my service to my customers. and

2. Leaf cleanup in the fall was now possible.

The following year I started charging extra for hedge/bush trimming. Because I had no space in a truck, I did not haul away clipping but rather brushed them under the bush for them to break down. I mulched all my lawns which again eliminated the need to bag.

As I add more services, I see the need to add even more. I am thinking about expanding further into snow removal. If I can sign enough contracts for it I will purchase a snow blower because I am not manually shoveling 20 properties.

That’s my new/old business in a nut shell. I am grateful for the time I now have available for working on my business. I enjoy working for myself a lot more than I ever did working for someone else. To those unsure if they can make it happen, I say get started today with what you have and build your business up as needed. You can do it.”

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