Start your lawn care business small and grow.

A lot of times when a person interested in starting a business comes to me and asks questions on what they need to get started, what kind of equipment of vehicle, they tend to shoot too big at the beginning. You don’t need to start big at all.

As a note of inspiration, I wanted to share with you a picture sent to me from David of University Landscapers.

Dave wrote “I get the 91 Mazda B2200 with the non-existent clutch…and the landscape installation guys ride the new 2000s F-150 and Ram 1500…but hey, it gets me around! The logos are on either door, but you can’t see them in the photo.

In the picture it’s filled with 250kg (550lbs) of branches and debris from a rather large brush clearing job on a forested property.”

lawn care truck

I responded by saying “I am very happy you posted this picture of your truck. All too often I think newer business owners feel they can’t start a business unless they have a brand new truck and they feel a new truck will help with the appearance of their business.

Can you tell us a little about your experience of using this truck?

How has this truck effected your business? What advice do you have for others who are trying to get a start and don’t find themselves to be successful unless they are driving a brand new truck?”

Dave then said “It definitely helps to save on fuel…I usually spend around $40 per week on gas for it, with gas prices at $1.15/litre (~$4.37/gallon). I usually find that it doesn’t affect my image too much, a lot of the guys around here are the individually-run businesses, whose trucks tend to be a lot more beaten up than mine.

My only issues with it are the constant breakdowns. My starter failed twice last year (the first time I hit it with a hammer and it unseized), and it’d almost certainly going to need a new clutch this year. This is the truck my boss started the company with 5 years ago, getting from his parents, and he’s since bought the other two.

I remember seeing the guy with the green Escort, and whatever you can make work when you’re starting it out is what I’d go for…no point taking on a bunch of unnecessary debt when you’re starting out.”

Another one of our forum members added “My husband has the same type of truck. He has a little Mazda B2000 for his everyday truck and saves the mileage and fuel consumption on the bigger 2007 Chevy Diesel.”

I think these are some very important lessons to be learned. Don’t feel compelled to have to go out and spend big to drive a brand new truck. The payments are going to be a big drain on your cash flow and the less expenses you have when you get started, the better. I hope Dave and Layla inspire you to get started with what you got and then work to improve it as you go. Please share your inspirational story with us and join this post at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here. Don’t forget to download and try out our 30-day free trial of our Gopher Lawn Care Software too. Watch our lawn care business show GopherHaul or listen into our GopherHaul podcasts as well at the forum.

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