Start up lawn care business tips.

It seems every new lawn care business owner is looking for the one secret that will allow them to find success. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, sometimes there is no single tip that will make or break you but a bunch of simple steps when combined, will give you a competitive edge. This competitive edge can be enough to help you stand above your competitors and really attract many new lawn care business owners.

He wrote “I have just finished 40 years employment in the logistics industry. That was 40 years of pressure work. I have had it and I am done with it. I am now looking at starting a lawn care business but as I have been an office worker for 40 years I am not sure how to start and run the business. I have to admit I am a bit worried about going broke trying this.

I live in an area with lots of retired people and large houses with very rich people. Too bad I am not one of the rich people. There is lots of competition from ‘cheap’ lawn care business operators. I myself had one of these cheap companies mow my lawns when I was working 50 hour weeks. He did not provide a very good service so I ended up doing the lawn myself.

I would appreciate some assistance in starting out this venture.”

A second lawn care business owner said “welcome to the world of rest and relaxation……Wrong! hahahaha

Now seriously, I too came from a very high pressure job as a systems administrator for the government. One day I decided that I would rather die broke than die at 45 of a heart attack. So with that decision made, much like you I chose the route of starting my own lawn mowing business. This was no easy feat because like you there are a lot of established lawn care contractors in my area as well.

Before I got started, I observed as many of the other lawn care businesses as I could for a couple of months and came to the conclusion that I could do a far better job of mowing, doing the edges, and leaving the area neat and tidy. Most of the contractors up here just cut and leave the grass clippings laying everywhere.

I started around this time 6 years ago. It was tough going for the first few months but it soon picked up because of our quality of workmanship and our willingness to do almost anything for our lawn care clients. All I can say is anyone can CUT grass BUT not everyone can MOW a lawn properly. So do a lot of research on the internet about what types of grass is in your area and what the optimal cutting height is and stick to it.

Don’t mow it lower just because the client wants it cut to the ground. It will kill it and you are the one that they blame. I have walked off jobs when a client wants it cut too low. I explain the reason for not cutting it any lower and if they don’t like it then I say that I’m not prepared to ruin my reputation on one job just because you want it too low so you had better find another contractor.

I usually end up having new lawn care customers call me, wanting to know what I can do to fix their lawn after some other contractor has cut it low like they wanted. In one case we ended up re-turfing the whole are with $5,000.00 worth of turf plus labor.

If you keep your standards high and your lawn care equipment in top condition (blades sharp, oil changed regularly, equipment clean) and for god’s sake present yourself well you will do fine. I do find it very important to decide on a lawn care business uniform and wear it with pride. Have it embroidered or screen printed with you logo and who you are. etc… This one simple step can make all the difference when it comes to appearance. If you don’t think that will help you stand out, look around you and see what other competitors are doing. I bet the majority of them look like slobs. So take advantage of this and stand out!

In our second and third year of operation we won the local business awards for the best service company and the Most Outstanding Customer Service Award! I contribute this to our professionalism, both in appearance and in service.

So give it a go. You may not become a millionaire but even so, it is a great lifestyle and you can live a good life.”

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