Spring lawn care flyer response rate.

Any time you distribute lawn care flyers to promote your business, you probably wonder what kind of results you will get from your efforts. Over time as you experiment more with different kinds of marketing, you will see trends as to which marketing methods work and which don’t. Until you get to that point where you have a track record of proven results, you may want to compare your results with the response rate this entrepreneur found and shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “well around here Spring has finally sprung and the mowing quote requests are coming in. I put out a small sampling of my lawn care flyer on Thursday which totaled about 130 copies, door to door. From that test sampling here are my results.

  • I have had 7 calls for mowing quotes.
  • 2 lawn renovations job.
  • 1 aeration job.
  • 1 hedge and shrub trim job along with flower bed maintenance.
  • 3 weekly mowing signed up.

I have been hand delivering them so far and I have gotten to talk to some people that have been home but most are at work so I just leave the flyer in their mail box. I’d really like to cover all 14 surrounding streets in my subdivision which should take about 400 fliers. I am going to get out another 200-250 lawn care flyers tomorrow. Then I will move over to the next subdivision and put out another 500.

Doing this really got me excited as I got my first e-mail request for a mowing quote just a few hours after I put out my first lawn care flyer. I just got to keep at them keep pounding the pavement.”

Spring lawn care flyer.

Spring lawn care flyer.

A second lawn care business owner said “I hope my year is as successful as yours has been so far. Last week I sent to the printers to have 1,000 copies made of my lawn care flyer. However I have not distributed any of them yet. The current temperatures lately makes one think it’s still winter yet it’s actually late March. Forecasts are actually calling for SNOW on Sunday! With all that going on, who is thinking ‘hey I need my grass cut soon,’ when it’s gonna snow again. My fear is I don’t want to put out lawn care flyers too soon or too late. Temperatures aren’t expected to pull out of the 40’s for highs until the first full week of April when my season normally starts.

I already have 45 streets for a total of 1,106 homes mapped out to receive my flyer of which I’ll be hand delivering each one. 443 of the 1,106 are rental properties which I am awaiting confirmation from the landlord that they are starting their lawn inspections.

Where I live. If you rent, the landlord will put a letter in your door stating they will be inspecting your lawn starting xx date. Once that begins, if your grass needs to be cut that given week you have 2 days to cut it or be fined. They have strict policies written in your lease for upkeep of your lawn. I intend to market to every single renter. Last year we signed up as customers 10% of the flyers we put out there. Of the 443 town homes, it comprises of 3 neighborhoods. 1 neighborhood has only one other local landscaper besides myself. The 2nd area has 4 landscapers including myself and in the 3rd it seems I am the only landscaper in the area.

The problem is though that renters don’t care about any other upsells, they only want their grass to be cut so I hope to get more home owners who pay for the upsells. That is why this year I am targeting 20% of my market with renters and 80% with home owner. All told I plan to put out 2,200 lawn care flyers. Time and most important weather will tell when all that happens.”

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