Someone took the lawn care business name I wanted to use.

Before you get your lawn care company started, you need to do a little research. If you come up with a business name you like, you need to search around and see if anyone else is using that name or if anyone else has that internet domain name. There is no sense in pouring your heart and soul into building a brand when the domain name directs a potential customer to another website. As we will see in this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, it’s a lot easier to get things right from the start than to fix a mess up later.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve been planning on starting a lawn care business for a couple of years now since I worked for a local company here. I just got laid off so I feel its now or never.

What I come to find out now is the business name I have been planning on using has already been taken by someone else. They are a registered company here in my state. I know I won’t come into contact with them or cross paths with them as they are way out of my area. My question though is, can I still use the name if it is in a different area?

I did an internet search and found the domain name I wanted to use, belongs to yet another lawn care company in a neighboring state. I don’t know why I didn’t look this up sooner but that throws a wrench in the gears.

I don’t plan on basing my company around an internet site so maybe that doesn’t matter much. I plan on using the quality of services and my communication with customers along with hard work and dedication to stand out. Physical advertising and word of mouth seem to go a lot further than the internet around here.”

A second lawn care business owner said “flat out, I’d pick another name. My best advice is to make sure the domain name is available before you finalize any business name decisions. I have my whole marketing plan based around my domain name. The internet is nothing to blow off. This is where you can get the majority of your customers, if you name your business properly.

Google is the new yellow pages, so don’t fool yourself. Phone books go right in the trash these days.

Since your name isn’t official yet, make it count. If you name your company Joe’s Lawn Care and then add a web site later, you are probably going to be disappointed with the options you have available. You don’t want to use .net or anything else besides .com. You also don’t want to use hyphens between the words in your domain. People will try and type in your business name . com in their browser to look for you and if they end up going to another guy’s site, you are going to lose business.”

A third shared “our work is mostly word of mouth and appearance. Though, I must say it’s still very important to name your company something you can get the domain name for your website too. If there is a dot com with your name and when someone looks it up, they find another company, that is no good. You really need to keep a unified marketing message.

I have had several customers that were word of mouth referrals who entered our business name .com into their web browser to get our number or just general information, to see if we serviced their area. We’ve also had others that just did a search for our business name and found us. Whether it’s the internet or any other marketing. You need to be unique and do your best to stand out.

You don’t want to start using a generic name that will only lead potential customers to other lawn care companies. You will need an internet presence to help you do this and show you provide lawn care in your area.

Aside from that, if you do any other marketing, you want a domain name that is solid and promotes a sense of legitimacy of your business. It doesn’t take more than a quick scan through craigslist for you to pass judgement on a lawn care company simply by looking at if they have a domain name in their ad and what it is.

Sure the best leads are the word of mouth leads but you will thank yourself later for starting with a business name and web domain name that are the same and unique.”

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