Someone has my business name incorporated!

It happens more times than you might think. A landscaper gets his business started and comes up with a name that he feels will be unique. Then he puts a bunch of years into the business, building up his brand and one day, he decides he wants to incorporate. When he does a search for that name, he finds the name has already been taken and is currently being used by another landscaper in another part of the state! What do you do then? That is what this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum discusses. Read on to see some of the options you would have and what the pitfalls are of certain decisions.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have a DBA right now of Sunshine Landscaping and want to Inc. to protect my assets. The name of Sunshine Landscaping Inc. is already taken in my state and I already have signs made and everything. What should I do? Would it be a good idea to go with a similar name to avoid changing over completely, I was thinking something like Sunshine Yardscaping? Or should I just go with something entirely different?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “the thing about going for a similar name to someone who is already incorporated is, they could come after you once they find you and try to force you to change your name. Then you will have to go through this all over again.

I would come up with a new name entirely. Through out my entire life, I have found when I think I came up with something unique and later see that I was not the only one who thought of it I usually scrap the idea.

There are two theory’s to the similar name thing.

  1. People might think you are the other company and call you by accident and you might inadvertently get some work.
  2. People might call them thinking it was you and they would get your work and even worse he may be screwing people all over town and customers may mistake you for him!

I know a guy who had the name Premium Tree and Landscape Services and there was a guy two towns away named Premium Landscape Services. The guy who was Premium Landscape Service was taking deposits for big jobs and not showing up and he was not paying his creditors and causing trouble all over the place.

Well my friend with the tree and landscape service started having all these people come after after him and even though he eventually cleared things up, he was subjected to two entire years of total nonsense and harassing phone calls to finally be able to proclaim his innocence.

That is why I use my real name in my business name, because no one can take that away from me and the chances of someone having my same name and running the same kind of business are slim to none.”

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