Some good lawn care marketing ideas most do not think of.

I would venture to guess on average more lawn care business owners than not, would rather focus on their work in lawn care than focus on marketing and making new sales. So with that in mind, you may wonder what are some options a lawn care business owner might have where they could make new sales and yet not have to be out there being a pushy salesman for their business? A great discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum brought a few simple and easy to do ideas to light.

One lawn care business owner wrote “in my experience, the key to success with your lawn care business is to stay at one location as long as possible to perform as many services as you can while you increase profits and save on costs. Now this single location can mean a single residential property or it can mean a bunch of neighboring properties right nearby. To do this, you have to market your services.

A good really reliable way I have found to advertise a lawn care business that is cheaper than the newspaper and on average gives me 50% more leads is placing  an ad in a monthly local ad magazine. I bet most lawn care business owners have seen these before and never thought about using them. I do this and the cost is about $150 a month but it’s well worth it.

The reason they work is they normally go to families that live in areas where people spend too much time at work and need services provided to them. The average household incomes they are mailed to is $40,000 +. They usually have lots of restaurant coupons in them so people will read them and as they do, they will see your ad and your services listed in there as well. I am constantly amazed to see a few or no lawn companies at all advertising in them. When there are no competitors or even few of them going up against, these magazine ads bring a lot better bang for the marketing buck than door hangers or newspapers do.

I have also found that giving out small cheap gifts while your out there mowing lawns can really help you break the ice with a new potential client. For example let’s say you are finishing up a lawn and see a couple of the neighbors outside. Go up to them and be friendly. Introduce yourself but don’t try to sell them any thing at the time. Instead have some pens, mugs, or anything else you can get with your name and number on it to give away. Tell them who you are and give them the gift and thank them for talking. Before you know it, most of these neighbors will be giving you a call and asking for your service. Try it out, this works better than you might think. Sure it may cost a little but it will pay off, trust me.

My approach to selling to new people is if they bring it up, we will talk about it. I find taking the sell out of sales will bring in more sales over time than talking sales with the potential customer. When you go in straight with your sales pitch, people tend to put up a wall and won’t hear you talk about what you can do. Now I might give them a couple free tips or something like that if the conversation goes well but I never try to come on like I’m selling them something.

Most of the time a straight on sales pitch causes people to turn off their ears and think of a way to get rid of this person. While if you leave them with a gift, it makes them think positively about their first encounter with you. You might also find the potential customer start a conversation about their lawn.

Think about it, even if this marketing technique did not work most of the time, say it only worked one out of 10 times, those aren’t bad numbers! So even if you spent $5 to $10 bucks on one lead that would pay off $500 to $600 or more a year, it would still be worthwhile.

When it comes to sales, some people just have the gift of gab, however this was just not me. So because of my personality I have learned to take the hands off approach to marketing and sales where less is more.

So next time you are out try this technique and hand a gift to a neighbor of your current lawn care customer. Tell them if they need anything, you are there to serve and leave if they do not ask or say anything else. You will probably find as I have that most people will talk and only in rare cases will they not say a word.”

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