Simple lawn care business tips that can make you more money.

Lawn care business owners are always looking for an edge over their competitors. They seek out little tweaks they can make in their business here or there, that can really make a big difference in the long run. One lawn care business owner was kind enough to let us in on a few secrets that really made a big difference and brought him a lot more success. He wrote to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and said “I know there are a lot of new lawn care business owners just starting out looking for tips so, I just wanted to throw out a few ideas that I currently do and have done in the past to really build up my business.

First off, after every mowing I do at each customer’s house, after the job is complete, I ALWAYS leave a receipt of sorts so they know I was there, and the job was done. I have heard many lawn care business owners complain that their customers won’t pay if they don’t think they were there, and there was no proof. So give them proof and remove this problem.

When I first started my business, I started doing this because it would let the customer know what service was done, the date, and had my company logo on the top. Even if I took their trash can back to where they usually keep it (after the trash man came), I would put that on the note as well. This way, they know the job was done and they can look at their lawn and the note and match it up. I will go the extra mile with all my customers. For instance, if they don’t sign up for my weed control service and they have like 2 weeds that are making their flower bed look ugly, I will just pull them and let the customer know I performed this service in the receipt.

Another thing you can do, is go to an office supply store and get some paper with a nice trim around it. Something like flowers, leaves, or grass around the edges. Use this paper to print out a flyer to let your customers know what services are being offered as the seasons change. For instance, when I get ready to do leaf removal, I’ll get some paper with leaves around the edges, and put on there something about leaf removal. Then I also remind the customer that my referral program is still on.

What I do with my flyers as I am designing them, so I don’t waste the paper, is print out my text on a regular piece of paper, and put the leaf paper in front of it. If I can see my text in the middle of the leaf paper when held up to the light, I know it will fit and I can print the final version out on the leaf paper.

For spring, I use paper with flowers around the edges. They have many different kinds of paper. For fund raisers, you can get paper with balloons and confetti all over it. It’s fun to get creative with your marketing and your customers will appreciate it. I have found that it is better than sending your customers a plain piece of paper in the mail. This really gets their attention and gets them to purchase the upsells.

Also, you can get colored paper, and print all your customer’s PAID receipts on their favorite colored paper. People really love that I do this. All of my invoices are on white paper and their paid receipts are colored. This makes it easier to find as well.

Your success in this business really depends on the quality of your work and how you interact with your customers. If your customers really like what you do for them, then they’ll want more service from you. One of my customers once asked me where I was all his life because he was¬† so grateful he didn’t have to do all the hard work anymore.

It is very important to continue to market to your current customer base. Don’t forget this! Marketing to your current customers keeps them in the loop and let’s them know what services you’re offering in the next month/season. Even if they don’t need the service, they may know someone they might and give the flyer to them. From that, the cycle continues. If that new referral customer really likes your work, they’ll refer you too.

These are just a few short ideas that aren’t too costly and have made a huge difference in my business. Try them yourself and you should see an improvement on your bottom line.”

Down load this lawn care flyer here.

Lawn Care Flyer

Lawn Care Flyer

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