Simple cheap steps to get lawn care customers.

To add more lawn care customers to your client list, you can spend big money and have others handle the marketing for you, or you can harness your creative energy and spend little money. Going the cheap and easy route was what this business owner decided to take and she shared with us her success story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. You may want to consider some of the steps she took.

She wrote “My husband and I just opened a Lawn Service & Landscaping Company. Four days after filing for the corporation my husband got laid off from his full-time job. He had intended on keeping this job as long as necessary. So this is probably a blessing in disguise now he can put 100% of his time into getting the business name out there.

The first things we did, to get lawn care customers, was have inexpensive lawn signs made and stuck one in our own front lawn. From that alone, we got three customers the first day. We live in a pretty tight knit neighborhood so maybe that helped. But I feel no matter where you are, when you put out a lawn sign,¬† someone is bound to see it and call. Also, don’t hesitate to ask neighbors and people you know if you could provide them with lawn care. Also ask them if they know of anyone else who could use your services as well.

The second thing we did was have inexpenive flyers copied, punched a hole at top and slit it with scissors so my kids and I could walk the neighborhood hang them on people’s door’s. We got a lot of jobs from putting the door hangers out as well.

My kids are home schooled so they don’t see many other children during the school day but I do give them coupons to hand out in the neighborhood for a free or reduced lawn cut.

Also, a group had come around and was asking for donations for gift baskets to Auction off at the local schools. I decided to take advantage of this marketing opportunity and simply put a coupon on the back of our business card for a free mowing. It’s worked and I have gotten regular customers from this. I have also put business cards at the local food store, on the tack board. I will even leave one or two business cards in the shopping carts. This has worked too because the coupons on the back of the cards have been redeemed.

Next thing we will do is a local project. We have an entrance going into our neighborhood that no-one takes care of. This year we plan to trim the trees (that are so low it hits our truck roof), mulch, weed etc….pretty much give it a face lift for free. We are hoping after it’s done and we stick a sign out we will get some calls. I guess you can say it’s advertisement for a small price.

So far, so good when it comes to attracting customers. You don’t have to spend big bucks to do any of this. Just a little time and creativity will really work wonders. Try it out for yourself and see what you can do.”

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