Should you trim before or after mowing?

Have you experimented much with your different lawn care procedures? Should you mow first or trim? What about edging first? What saves the most time and makes the lawn look the best that it can? This is a great topic that was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Let me share with you some of the insights that were presented in hopes they will help get you to think of ways to be more productive..

One of our forum members wrote “In my area, if you edge the lawn before you mow then you’ll have compressed moist dirt into the concrete. That takes a lot of time to clean up.

mowing and trimming

Mowing and trimming

Also if you line trim the grass first, you have to trim with both sides of the trimmer head but if you cut first then your only using one side. These are some time saving ideas that have allowed me to out worked up to 3 others at once.”

But this did spark a debate on the topic, leading a lawn care business owner to add “it may or may not take less time doing it this way..It all depends on grass type and height..

My reasons are:

Trimming after you mow, may leave long strands of grass around the border of everything…Trimming first will allow the clippings to land mostly in the path of the mower and my mulched up..The only time I would trim after mowing would be on a clean up property where the grass is overgrown.

Edging last also makes a mess around beds, sidewalks and driveways.. By edging before you mow, the suction of the mower will pickup most of the grass and dirt off these areas making less time to blow off..

Plus I like to get the harder stuff done first, so you can relax alittle on the mower.. Then all you have to do is blow off.. I even trim hedges before I mow. That way I can mulch everything up and some or no clean up is necessary. ”

Another forum member added “I am glad to hear someone else mention their techniques, especially regarding trimming, that allow them to outwork 3 others. My foreman and I have been working together for 16 years now (in business 21) and we observe similar situations. We can make between $50-$60 per man hour mowing and trimming. And my foreman is usually in and out by himself while our competition’s two man crew is still toiling away.

I sometimes feel like I’m exagerating when I tell new contractors that the NUMBER ONE determinent of whether you make money or not mowing lawns, is often weed wacking. It can double or halve your hourly rate depending on whether you have a slow or fast weed wacker.

And I LOVE weed wacking first. We feel the same way - it allows the mower to chop everything up - however, I think it’s important, training-wise, to make sure the person trimming has some mowing experience so he or she gets a feel for how much they have to trim.”

Consider these opinions as you experiment with your own lawn care procedures and let us know which way you find to be the most optimal.

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