Should you start thinking about your spring lawn care marketing yet?

Each year new lawn care business owners question at the beginning of the season when is the best time for them to start their marketing. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there is a sweet spot you should hit but the more experienced marketers tend to do their marketing all year long.

One lawn care business owner wrote “it’s still January and my area may still have quite a bit of cold weather before I should start mowing but since this is my first year and I am just starting out, when is the best time to start advertising and handing out flyers for lawn care?”

A second business owner said “after winter comes spring. During this transition, things are still wet and crummy. By May, the grass is more dry and growing. So if I start my mowing in May, I want to begin my lawn care marketing earlier. If you’re on a small budget, I’d suggest you market when your potential customers will have the highest level of interest.

If you send out advertisements when there is still snow melting, they will throw your ads out. If you send out advertisements when you are on the verge of the mowing season to begin, the customers will be paying more attention to their lawn maintenance needs. They will see the green grass on their property and be more concerned about caring for it.

If you had a full time job and came home every day, when would you most likely be interested in what a lawn maintenance company has to offer? Personally I would be the last minute guy because I’m not full of money and not ready to start making scheduled payments until I see that I need to.

Though in a wealthy neighborhood, people just might be ready to hire you early on so it’s over and done with.

It depends on the person you market to. If you market early, make sure you give the person a reason to hold onto your flyer or whatever you use until the day they hire you. Or else it’s in the trash.

Anyway, straight answer? Start marketing 3 weeks before the initial day you begin mowing and don’t stop. If you only pick up one customer, no fear, you will gain more throughout the entire season. Whether it be through word of mouth or other marketing tactics you try out, do a good job and more customers will follow.”

A third landscaper added “I start around a week or two before I start mowing. Depending on how long it will take you pass out all of your flyers.”

A fourth shared “I am on the east coast. I find the best time to start my marketing is at the start of February. I pick up a lot of spring clean ups by doing so. I usually the get estimates out in February and schedule the first mowing for March.”

A fifth said “I hand out flyers year round. I just handed out some the other day even though it’s still winter time. There was some snow on the ground, but it was a nice day. I have found that people hang onto them then call when it gets closer to mowing season.

Remember with your marketing and sales presentation that you always sell on value, not on price. For example, providing a guarantee in writing, that adds value. Dealing with complaints in a positive way adds value.

Another thing I learned is to have a sales procedure in writing. Have a written process with steps to follow from the time the potential client contacts you, to when you follow-up after completing the job. As far as the actual marketing goes I prefer using direct response marketing, which is always including an offer and a deadline for response. Give the consumer a reason to contact you as soon as they read your flyer. ”

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