Should you offer a Free Lawn Care Analysis?

Kurt made a great post in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here and asked the following question.

I was wondering if you offer free soil ph tests for new application clients? I recall hearing a few companies do this and they had alot of good feedback from the customers about it. I know Trugreen and some other companies around here do “free evaluations” which they just come out and tell you what you have going on and how much to do the applications, but I know no one around here does ph testing.

Possibly a good selling point? Not positive on the price (just found a place down the road that does them here) but I think they’re fairly cheap. Even if they were $20 to do, I would think it would be worth it. People would be shocked to find out exactly what their soil is like for free and would make you look very professional in what you do I think.

Troy responded by saying “When I do an estimate I give a Free 15 Point Analysis of the lawn. That included such things as what weeds are present, the thatch level, type of soil, moisture level, disease, lawn establishment, type of grass present, etc.

In the past I used to offer soil testing that I personally did for current customers at $17 a pop. That was like 4 years. I just bought the kits myself, around $200, and did them. I wasn’t totally happy with the results from the kits though. I have personally never sent a sample into an actual lab though.

I could perhaps offer a FREE soil testing with the analysis as well. That might be a good selling point.”

I know many of you are interested in knowing what the Free 15 Point Analysis of the lawn consisted of so I wanted to include it, from Troy.

“All 15 on my sheet

1. type of turf
2. lawn establishment
3. density of turf
4. color of turf
5. thatch composition
6. depth of topsoil
7. texture of soil
8. condition of soil
9. moisture of soil
10. controllable weeds
11. weed grasses (no control) This one actually doesn’t make sens to me though
12. insect activity
13. disease activity
14. particular problems
15. potential of lawn

And under each point, there are already pre-printed boxes to check off for the type of weeds, problems with the lawn, etc.”

Chestin also had a great comment on this topic when he said “Instead of just offering free estimates (every one does those these days), I would have offered a free ‘21 point lawn care analysis’ with an opportunity to get XX% off.

Now, what’s the 21 point analysis? It’s simply the free estimate except you have 21 different things (or some other relevant number) you check and then give recommendations on. It’s really nothing more than your regular estimate, but by giving it a title it makes it sound much more valuable and people will be more interested to get it.

It really doesn’t have to have 21 points, but certainly the more the better because your prospects will think it’s such a great deal.”

I asked Troy if he covers every point in his Free Lawn Care Analysis every time and he said “There are many times I will skip certain points either because the customer doesn’t care or I don’t have time.”

So I hope this information helps you create your own Free Lawn Care Analysis and helps you land more customers.

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