Should you buy that lawn aerator?

Can you make money with your own lawn aerator and power rake? Sure you can, if you have the clients who want those services. If you don’t, you just might find yourself with a shed of equipment you are making payments on that isn’t making you any money. So how should you go about building that client base? An entrepreneur on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared his strategy with us that allowed him to buy his aerator in cash and begin making money immediately with it.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I finally took the jump and purchased a lawn aerator. So far I am really happy with it. It handles so much easier than the Bluebird I had been renting in past years and it doesn’t tear up the soil like the drum aerators tend to do. I even had a few calls from clients that asked what type of aerator I used because they did not want a drum one used on their property.

I found it was a worthwhile purchase and that there was enough business to justify the need to purchase it. A lot of newer lawn care business owners fall into that trap of buying equipment that is just not going to be utilized enough.

I had built up the need for a lawn aerator by offering the service for over two years before buying it. I rented both a power rake and aerator for two years from the local rental shop. Many of you may think that was a waste of money, but it allowed me to gain lots of knowledge and test the market without a huge outlay of cash. Sure those first two years the profit from that service was not super high but I still made decent money. Once I did buy one, my lawn aerator paid for itself in the first week to ten days.

Should you buy that lawn aerator?

Should you buy that lawn aerator?

Plenty of new guys tend to buy equipment that is not used to it’s full potential. Sadly, it is one of the reasons we see many new businesses fail and go under. I don’t believe in buying on credit. I struggled through my first couple of years with a small 5′ X 8′ enclosed cargo trailer, but it got me through. A week ago, I ordered a new one that is a 6′ x 14′ enclosed cargo with ramp door. I am also ordering a power rake this year as it too will pay for itself in about a week or so.

By spending those two years renting an aerator and three years renting a power rake, I’ve have built up my client list to use both pieces of equipment this spring, some even booked last fall. Once you build up the demand your good to GO! This year will be so much more profitable with those two services.

It is always about the budget and money for me. I had made the decision the year before after renting that I would budget and save the money. So after getting through the remaining part of the year, setting aside money for an aerator I purchased it out right.

There was so many times I was tempted to go finance a larger piece of equipment, especially last fall when fall cleanups were in full swing. I like buying all equipment paid for in full, and still leave money in the bank for any emergency situations that may arise.

I guess I’m a real stickler for holding things to a budget! I also haven’t borrowed a penny. While I’m sure it has not allowed my business to grow as fast as it might have. I haven’t had to take on clients just to pay debt. The first couple of years was tough, but now I’m finding that things are starting to snowball. A position I’m really happy to be in. Not to mention much less stress with NO debt!”

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