Should I take this realtor on as a lawn care customer?

Some mowing customers you will never see. You will show up, mow their property and at the end of the month collect your money like clock work. Others will watch you through their window and complain about everything, including the price. Then, there are customers who promise you the world. They will tell you that they can get you all sorts of customers, if you give them a discount on their property. How do you handle such mowing customers? That is what one entrepreneur was wondering when he talked about his current issue in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and heard a few pieces of advice on how to handle such clients.

One lawn care business owner wrote “last year I had 2 properties on this new street. The clients never bothered me and paid on time.

A neighbor of a client, an old man would always come out to talk to me for 30 minutes. I had no choice but to accept him this year as a client.

All of a sudden, this old man keeps getting me new clients THAT SUCK!!!

Alright, so I now have 4 properties in a row on this street, but one other neighbor had called on the street for service… a friend of the old man… This guy is a real estate agent, and of course they all talk big but never have money. He spoke to me as though he was some sort of big shot doing me a favor, what a joke. All my experiences with real estate agents is that they don’t want to pay for anything and make it impossible to collect from them.

  1. He says he will give me 3 other lawns, and even more.
  2. He doesn’t want anything on paper about the other lawns, but wants a contract for HIS lawn.
  3. He only wants to pay half price for the season and wants me to work something out for him.
  4. He said, ‘I want to get rid of my other guy because he charges way too much!’

How do you think I should handle this? I understand that if I accept this guy as a client and he misses a payment for one of the properties, it’s just going to give me headaches and start a shouting match.

I hate when clients think I should ‘trust’ them, and that the money ‘will come’.

He also told me that he’s the one who got me the old man as a client on the street… SUCH bullcrap. I’m the one who had their time wasted chit chatting every god damn Monday with the old man about my service.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I don’t know. If you have 4 yards right in a row on that street and you’re there mowing them anyway, you might as well take him on as a lawn care customer. If he doesn’t pay, it can’t be the worst mowing customer that doesn’t pay, since you’re already there anyway. If he does pay, then you make a little extra since you don’t waste time and gas driving to his house.

Plus, if you do his yard, that’s more exposure you have in that neighborhood and the possibility of getting more work on that street goes up and you’ll be keeping your competition away from your turf.”

A third shared “Do not take his business. You will regret it, for sure.

My Dad had a saying that I live by in my self-employment. ‘You never want to be tired and broke at the end of the day‘ when referencing how much to charge and which clients to take.

If this guy was really a big shot and had business to send you, he wouldn’t be requesting a cheaper price. My friend had a similar experience with a property management company and after taking the business, it ended very sour.

The description of this guy has raised 5 red flags. It’s not worth the money.”

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