Should I mow larger lawns or stick with smaller ones?

It’s hard to turn away paying mowing customers when you get your mowing business started. However you have to take some time and think where you get the biggest return for your investment. If you have smaller equipment, mowing smaller lawns will probably be your focus. On the flip side, if you have larger mowing equipment, it is easier to make money mowing larger properties because you can do it in less time than someone who attempts to mow it with smaller equipment. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who is trying to figure out his mowing property size sweet spot.

One lawn care business owner wrote “the other day I went to the local big box store. I didn’t have 50 cents to complete my buy so I went to the truck and decided to drive it to the doors of the garden section. That is when I noticed this old couple kept staring at my truck sings, so I finished my transaction and went to the truck gave her my card and lawn maintenance plan flyer. Today I got 3 calls from another area code, 20 miles away from my house. I set up an appointment the couple referred me to their friends. I got there and these people have houses in the country on acres! I have never mowed property that large before and have no idea on how to bid it. How much do you charge for an acre (remember this is brush no manicured lawns)?

The biggest lawn I currently mow is 1/2 acre and I charge $75 per service. Will it be ok to charge $150.00 per service on an acre of brush, including line edging? I think I’d be way too high if I did that though. I want to be fair  but not cheap.

It currently takes me 30 to 45 minutes to mow a 1/2 an acre which includes me and my help with my 2 push mowers, one in the back and 1 in the front including line edging and blowing. At $75 per service minimum, 1 service every 2 weeks. I do have a law tractor which has a 42 inch deck, but it is too big for the gated communities I service. This is what I would be using for the larger acre property. I figure it would take 2 hours of work for the entire service for each acre. One of this properties I’m talking about has 2 acres of brush not high, around 4 inches in the back and in the front 1/2 an acre of manicure lawn. I already have the contract for the front at $80 every two weeks , but she want it me to cut their back yard with their brush hog that has a 6 feet deck.

Anyway my question is, how much should I charge to mow an acre of brush?”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “I used to charge $100.00 plus sales tax for an acre. But now I am not mowing these size properties anymore. I had to find my niche, and my niche is not to do anything but smaller lawns. Maybe next year I will get a tractor with a shreader, but until then, I am done with the larger properties.They take too long based on the equipment and manpower I have.

So with that I have found we all have our own different focuses when we run our businesses. I have made more money mowing smaller properties than larger ones.”

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